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Are TikTokers accidentally eating plastic in the viral frozen Fruit Roll-Ups trend?

In case you missed it, frozen Fruit Roll-Ups have kind of become a thing lately. (And apparently, so has putting ice cream inside the sweet candy treat, according to one influencer.)

But a woman on TikTok who recently tried the viral food trend has accidentally sparked a debate about what exactly people are eating when they have one — and it has some people seriously freaking out.

It all started when a TikToker named Holly (@hollyberry09) tried the frozen treats. After throwing a box of Fruit Roll-Ups in the freezer, opening the wrapper and trying one out, she immediately gave it two thumbs up.

But soon after the video started gaining views, a comment came in from a stranger that gave Holly pause.

“GIRL DID YOU EAT THE PLASTIC,” the commenter wrote.

As some people have since pointed out, Fruit Roll-Ups often come rolled in a thin sheet of plastic to keep the layers of candy from sticking together. So, after Holly took the Fruit Roll-Up out of its packaging, many viewers expected another step in the process before she ate it. But since she bit right into the Fruit Roll-Up, the question became, “Did she eat the plastic or was it never there to begin with?”

In the comments, people began a heated debate.

“Plastic don’t freeze,” one person countered. “At least that type doesn’t.”

“Box was already open she def unwrapped them first,” someone else claimed.

“what if this is a new Mandela effect,” another wondered.

The debate sent other TikTokers to their own Fruit Roll-Up stashes to see if the plastic was there.

When TikTok user @lanemine14 unwrapped one of her own, she showed viewers that it did, in fact, have plastic around it.

“You guys, you’re eating plastic!” the TikToker says with a laugh. “You’re eating plastic. I knew it too, I knew it.”

This only sent viewers into more of a frenzy.

“I honestly want to buy one, freeze it, and take a bite just to see how someone could miss the plastic,” one commenter replied.

“Bro I’ve known there was plastic on these since I was like 5 years old,” said someone else.

In several follow-up videos, Holly tried to prove that she wasn’t eating plastic and opened several other frozen packages to show that there was no visible plastic inside them.

She even went so far as to drive to her local store and buy a fresh box, which she then unwrapped on camera to show once again there was no plastic.

But a lot of TikTokers didn’t believe her.

“yall this isnt a mandela effect this is either a defective batch or yhey changed it to reduce plastic waste,” one person commented.

“You’re definitely taking the plastic off and rolling it back up to freeze them,” another person wrote. “Only explanation.”

The viral debate eventually caught the attention of the makers of Fruit Roll-Ups, who commented on one of Holly’s follow-up videos, writing: “Maybe you just found the Willy Wonka golden ticket box and nobody told me about the competition.”

But if that comment didn’t make things clear, the manufacturer issued an official response on the Fruit Roll-Ups TikTok, hoping to settle the debate once and for all.

“legal is making me clarify that you should not attempt to eat plastic,” the post caption read, before showing a woman opening a frozen Fruit Roll-Up in the video, biting into it and showing that — yep — there’s plastic in there!

In response, a lot of people felt vindicated.

“I’m so glad the company called her out bc she was so gaslighting and had to be resealing with her flatiron,” one person wrote.

Others were just happy to get a definitive answer.

“I’ve been on frozen fruit roll up tok for two days against my will,” one commenter admitted. “Thanks for clearing this up!”

“someone had to tell the people,” the company later said in a comment.

Holly hasn’t yet posted a response video to the company, but she has doubled down on her claims in other videos, insisting that she’s not faking it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like many people will be buying that now.

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