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TikTokers doing their best impressions of viral ‘Mama don’t worry’ rapper

A rapper on TikTok has gone viral, but the app is more focused on his hair rather than his lyrics.

Superstar Pride released his debut EP 5lbs of Pressure and a video to the now-viral song “Painting Pictures” in October of 2022. It took a while for the song to gain momentum, but it has blossomed into a viral track due in part to Pride’s haircut in the video.

Pride’s haircut is a play on a haircut known best in southern Dallas, Texas called “the shag.” It features a low cut in the front and slowly transitions into a small afro in the back.

Once Pride’s video began making the rounds, viewers couldn’t get enough of his hair, not understanding it was cut to look like that.

“Barber got arrested halfway through the cut,” said @saranpack_.

“Bros haircut was 50% off,” joked @rez.neck.

TikTokers have been inspired by Superstar Pride’s hair and have made their own versions of the shag with whatever materials they can find.

“‘Ayy momma don’t worry you raised a gangsta, ima air fryer,’” said @laahiii_ .

Aside from Pride’s hair, users have also used his song to spearhead another trend.

The second trend that has come from this has two parts. The first is from athletes, in an effort to inspire, who are showing their highlights with Pride’s song in the background.

The second part of the trend comes from people making ironic versions of the athletes posting their videos. Users are posting lowlights of their athletic careers, poking fun at the serious athletic users.

“MAMMA IS WORRYING HARD,” said @evansells.

All of these trends have helped put “Painting Pictures” on the map. Spotify added the song to one of its top Rap playlists “Rap Caviar.”

Whether Superstar Pride intentionally wanted to use his hair to push the popularity of his song or not, his shag — and TikTok — have done just that.

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