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TikTokers can’t agree on this relationship habit: ‘Truly nothing sounds worse’

Relationship advice is easily accessible with creators making videos about the right questions, tips and practices to use.

One TikToker, Tessa (@Tessalili_), posted a video about a habit she and her partner have started. The two began to have a weekly “admin hour,” which serves as a meeting to discuss budgets, meal plans and anything else that can be considered mundane.

“Normalise having a weekly admin hour with your partner where you talk about finances, do your weekly meal plan & write out your goals. we use it as a time to connect on the more boring parts of living together so we can spend the rest of the time enjoying each other,” she wrote in her post.

She and her partner aren’t the only ones who like this process. Over 1 million users saw the video, and there were several people in the comments who agreed with the premise and shared they do it themselves.

“We call it office hours but yes this is my fave time,” said @jess.veeayyy.

“I used to hate this part of Sunday until we started naming it our admin hour. Now I go into my week feeling more prepared,” replied @sewerrattus.

Yet, not everyone was on board with the idea of “admin hour.”

“Truly nothing sounds worse,” said @fartsalad12.

“How to do capitalism in relationships,” said @macfearsomelady.

Alice (@macfearsomelady) began to reply and have a back-and-forth with other users under the post to further elaborate.

“You can do that as needed, not as some weird weekly work cosplay in your personal life,” she replied.

People on both sides of this tactic let their feelings be known, and like several things on the internet, no true conclusion could be reached.

However, those who liked the approach got a new way to bring some structure into the relationship.

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