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TikTokers yell ‘oh boy’ with trending Shannon Sharpe meme

Shannon Sharpe (@shannon84sharpe) is one of the biggest stars in sports media, consistently providing meme-able content for fans. Sometimes, his memes cross over into mainstream media, which is exactly what happened with this CapCut template of him drinking Mountain Dew.

In 2021, Sharpe took a sip of Mountain Dew during an episode of Skip and Shannon: Undisputed and showed how much he enjoyed the drink. Now, nearly two years later, TikTokers are using Sharpe’s first sip to show their elation toward happy moments in their lives.

“Texans fans watching their team take two of the top 3 picks,” said @nflonfox.

Sports fans would be the first group of people to enjoy this meme from a sports commentator, but it isn’t exclusive to them.

“When you take that first bit of pizza and feel your need for a raise magically disappear,” said @corporatecanadian.

Others feel the sarcastic nature of this video after having similar workplace experiences.

“After slashing benefits, my boss told us there was going to be a big surprise at the end of the day and then brought a bag of ice cream sandwhiches,” said @seanbenjaminperry.

Also, users are using this meme to show what it feels like to sip their favorite drink, just like Sharpe did in the meme.

“When the first sip of coffee hit in the morning,” said @theboyuneek.

The trending template was created by Ethan Genders and has over 48,000 uses. From sports fans to working professionals, everyone knows what it feels like to have a moment of euphoria. With Sharpe’s latest meme, all of TikTok can feel it at once.

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