Toddler girl gets caught trying to ‘style’ her hair with yogurt

One toddler girl got a big surprise when someone caught her on camera with quite a bit of yogurt in her hair.

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The little girl, who stares into the camera with a stunned, deer-in-the-headlights expression, can’t find the words to answer what appears to be her father asking her about the incident.

“Where’s all the yogurt? What did you do with it?” he asks from behind the camera.

He pans the camera down to the plastic bowl, which still has a few smears of yogurt in it. He then moves the camera back to her face, which is also glistening with the kid-friendly snack.

Tinashe is calling the shots:

“Most of it’s out of your bowl, and I think you tried to style your hair with the cotton candy yogurt,” he continues.

The little girl is still too stunned to speak, clearly surprised that anyone interrupted her hair care game.

Her father then pans around to show her entire head, which is covered in yogurt. It might be messy, but it’s definitely a sweet hairstyle.

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