Toddler’s hilarious ‘bad hair day’ has TikTok in stitches: ‘Legendary response’

A toddler’s perfect response to being caught in a mischievous act by her mom has become a viral TikTok sound.

Christinamarie James’ daughter was “already having a bad hair day,” as it was. Then, the mom caught the little girl cranking up the chaos level with a hearty helping of slime.

The toddler’s funny reaction has since appeared in over 26,000 videos.

The mom spotted her toddler playing on the floor with a giant bowl of orange slime, placing globs of the slime in her hair.

“Oh my god. Oh my god,” the mother said frantically. She lowered her voice and softly asked, “Why did you do that?”

Her daughter then whispered back just as gently, playing with the slime in her hands, “I don’t know.”

The funny video racked up 24.2 million views and 3.6 million likes on TikTok.

“She even whispered back innocently. She’s the best,” a person commented.

“Legendary response and my answer to most important questions in life,” a user wrote.

“Returning the same energy. So cute!” another added.

“No cause slime does NOT COME OUT,” someone said.

“Bro she’s gonna be the funniest kid in class one day,” a TikToker replied.

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