Tom Brady's stats, records – and the teams he loved and hated to face as he retires from NFL

Corrections and Clarifications: A previous version misstated the round Tom Brady was drafted (sixth) and his playoff record (2-3) against Peyton Manning. 

Tom Brady announced his retirement from the NFL, for the second time, on Wednesday after 23 seasons with many all-time league records to his name.

From Super Bowls to passing yards to touchdowns, Brady’s name is scattered all over the NFL’s record books and he will undoubtedly enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame when he’s up for induction in 2028.

Brady spent 20 seasons with the New England Patriots, who drafted him in the sixth round with the No. 199 pick in 2000. He spent the last three seasons of his career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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Here’s a look at some of Brady’s most prominent accomplishments from his NFL career:

Tom Brady has seven Super Bowl titles

Tom Brady played 23 seasons in the NFL.
Tom Brady played 23 seasons in the NFL.

Brady’s seven Super Bowls are the most by any player in NFL history and the reason why he’s considered the greatest of all time. He won six with the Patriots and one with the Buccaneers.

Brady’s championships are also more than every NFL franchise. The Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers have each won six.

Brady also leads all players with five Super Bowl MVPs and 10 Super Bowl appearances.

Tom Brady’s regular season passing yards

Brady has thrown 89,214 yards during the regular season, a record he set when he passed Drew Brees (80,358) on Oct. 4, 2021. Peyton Manning (71,940), Brett Favre (71,838) and Ben Roethlisberger (64,088) round out the Top 5.

The leaders among active NFL quarterbacks: Matt Ryan (62,792), Aaron Rodgers (59,055), Matthew Stafford (52,082), Joe Flacco (42,320) and Russell Wilson (40,583).

For comparison’s sake: Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes, who has 24,241 yards in 80 regular season games (five-plus seasons), would need 64,973 yards to catch Brady, an average of around 4,641 yards in the next 14 seasons. If Mahomes played as long as Brady, he would need to average 3,821 over the next 17 seasons. At least Mahomes is playing in an era with 17 regular-season games (Brady has had two seasons of those).

Tom Brady’s postseason passing yards

Brady’s 13,400 yards in the playoffs is an NFL record, by more than 6,000 yards.

Next up on the list: Manning (7,339), Roethlisberger (5,972), Rodgers (5,894) and Favre (5,855).

Along with Rodgers, Mahomes (3,902) and Wilson (3,786) are among the active leaders.

If you separate Brady’s career before and after he turned 37 years old, he still has more yards than everyone except Manning.

Brady has 6,424 playoff yards passing from 2001-13, and 6,976 yards after from 2014-22.

Tom Brady has 88 career playoff touchdowns

If Brady threw two more touchdowns in the playoffs, he would tie the next two players on the all-time list combined.

Brady’s 88 career playoff touchdowns are far and away ahead of Joe Montana and Rodgers, who both have 45.

If you split Brady’s 20 playoff appearances, his 46 touchdowns since 2013 would still lead the list, while his first 10 playoff appearances with 42 touchdowns would be third all time.

Tom Brady has 35 career playoff wins

Brady’s 35 playoff wins would even beat out all other quarterbacks on the all-time list if you consider his wins before and after age 37.

Brady has 18 playoff wins from age 24-36, and 17 from 37-45.

Montana had 16 playoff wins, while Bradshaw, John Elway and Manning have 14 each.

Who has given Tom Brady the most trouble in the playoffs?

Brady has 13 playoff losses during his NFL career, including three in the Super Bowl.

Quarterback Eli Manning, coach Tom Coughlin and the New York Giants beat Brady and the Patriots to conclude the 2007 and 2011 seasons.

Brady also lost to a Philadelphia Eagles team led by backup Nick Foles and coach Doug Pedersen during the 2017 season.

Brady has also suffered three losses to Peyton Manning in the postseason, all in the AFC championship game (in 2006, 2013 and 2015).

Which team has Tom Brady beaten the most during his career?

Most of Brady’s all-time wins came against the AFC East (90-22 in the regular season) during his run with the Patriots.

Brady has owned the Buffalo Bills during his career, posting a 33-3 record against them.

Brady also has a 31-8 record (including playoffs) against the Jets.

Which team has the most wins against Tom Brady?

That would be the Miami Dolphins, who have beaten Brady 12 times during his career and have the most interceptions (27) against him.

Still, the Dolphins have lost 24 times to Brady.

Tom Brady has thrown the most touchdowns against two teams

The honor goes to the Bills and Dolphins.

Both teams have seen Brady throw 72 touchdowns against them each during his career.

Tom Brady has never lost a game against three teams

Brady is undefeated against the Patriots, whom he beat during his lone appearance against his former team during the 2021 season.

Brady also has a 6-0 record against the Vikings, and he's 4-0 against the Buccaneers.

The Falcons, Jaguars, Bears, Raiders, Cardinals and Cowboys, who handed him a playoff loss to end his career, have only won once against Brady during the regular seasson.

Tom Brady has thrown one touchdown against every team except …

The Patriots.

Brady and the Buccaneers beat the Patriots 19-17, but he did not throw a touchdown against his former team in 2021.

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