Top 5 Tips for Healthy Summer Hair

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For frizz-free beach days and glossy sunny highlights, top stylists reveal their best thirst-quenching hair recommendations.

To balance and rehydrate, oils work just as well on the face as they do on the hair. "I grew up in Hawaii, and we were always using coconut and macadamia-nut oils for homemade masks," Atkin recalls. "They don't contain silicone, so they're more like lotion for the hair and won't build up or weigh hair down. And avocado oil is a great holistic remedy for scalp sunburns." To fortify your conditioner or styling cream, mix in a drop of oil.

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People are talking about sulfate-free shampoos, but even gentle surfactants (which create suds) can fade color and cause parched scalps and strands. "Lather removes moisture, but a cleansing conditioner contains essential oils that wash hair without stripping. This is what people used before the invention of shampoo," explains Wen founder Chaz Dean, whose latest formula, Summer Mango Coconut, contains antioxidant goji berries and matrixyl peptides to strengthen strands. "After three weeks of using a non-detergent shampoo, you'll see hair like you've never seen before," Massey promises.

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Masks must penetrate the hair shaft in order to repair it. Beverly Hills hairstylist Yoshi Hagiwara has an ionic water that power-boosts any conditioning treatment you apply after. "My Magic Water was developed for Harajuku girls with bleached hair that's razor-cut, permed, and very damaged," he explains. "The hair shaft is supposed to be filled with minerals, vitamins, and protein. After a chemical treatment, hair gets dry and limp. Magic Water changes hair's pH to an alkaline 12 to open the cuticle so protein and moisturizers can penetrate. When you close the cuticle with heat, hair is shinier and stronger."


4 Do-It Yourself Hair Remedies

Knots can lead to splitting and breakage, which may explain why your hair seems to stop growing at a certain point. To avoid tangles and help each strand reach its full potential, Massey recommends tying up hair before bed: "Flop your hair forward and gather it as though it's a pineapple on top of your head. When we sleep, we roll around so much, but a nighttime updo puts your hair to rest."

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Take It Easy
Take It Easy

Give your hair a break from blowouts and embrace summer's casual braids, ponytails, and buns. "The best thing about the summertime is you can wear your hair natural and play with accessories," says Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy celeb stylist Jen Atkin of the Andy Lecompte Salon in L.A. "I love doing a low fishtail braid and adding a Jennifer Behr headband in lime green or coral." Even an undone style will still look chic if hair appears shiny and healthy, says Atkin, who recommends substituting your styling cream with a conditioner to smooth hair and hydrate.

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