From dating 'for the plot' to embracing the 'delulu' — here are the top online dating trends of 2023

New slang and individuality have made their mark this year.

Tinder unveils recap of 2023 dating trends via Tinder
Online dating trends can reflect changes in culture. Here's what's happening on Tinder in 2023. (Getty)

Tinder is recapping this year's dating trends.

The renowned dating app has released "A Year in Swipe," a summary of how its users are spending their time on the app and what that says about says about modern dating.

Here is how the dating game has changed in the last year.

Dating 'for the plot' and leaning into the 'delulu': Top Tinder trends

According to Tinder, in 2023 the majority of singles had a notably laid-back approach to dating and were more inclined to embrace "main character energy."

Many have abandoned the idea of "happily ever after" and have opted to go with the flow and date "for the plot" — for the sake of having new experiences. Tinder has dubbed this popular dating style "N.A.T.O," or "Not Attached To Outcome."

Melissa Hobley, Tinder's chief marketing officer said in a release 69 per cent of Gen Z want to "challenge conventional dating and relationship norms." This year, dating culture saw "a major shift where the journey is more important than the outcome," Hobley added.

Data showed Tinder bios like "Everything I do is for the plot, let’s make some memories," were more than five times more common compared to the previous year.

Tinder shares recap of 2023 global dating highlights / Photo via Tinder
Tinder shared a recap of 2023 global dating highlights. (Photo via Tinder)

Approximately 27 per cent of individuals aged 18 to 25, who engaged with Tinder's "Relationship Type" feature, expressed being "open to exploring." Meanwhile, 22 per cent using the "Relationship Goals" feature indicated they were "still figuring it out."

Though young singles seem to lean more toward dating without a concrete end goal nowadays, Tinder highlighted there has been a rise in self-awareness, with many users acknowledging their own "delulu" and calling out others'. "Delulu" is slang for being delusional.

In September 2023, there were 58-times more bios with remarks like, "If you are delulu, I'm your solulu," or "Tall, dark and delulu," and "Turn my delulu into trululu."

What do Tinder users appreciate the most?

Tinder revealed the most valuable "currency" on the app was time.

Users were apparently more mindful and organized when "stack dating, multi-dating and alphabet dating." Even 51 per cent of young singles on the app said they are in favour of optimizing their dating style to fit around their busy schedules.

Tinder's global survey also proved what interests were the most attractive.

Otaku — or being a dedicated fan of anime — ranked number one, with cheerleading and pilates coming in second and third place. In fourth place came Biryani, an Indian mixed rice dish, and lastly — LGBTQ allyship.

In Canada, however, pilates was the ranked the most attractive interest. Hot yoga, horseback riding, regular yoga and skincare followed closely behind.

Tinder users also got in touch with their love languages this year. Globally, the most popular love style is quality time, followed by physical touch, thoughtful gestures, compliments or words of affirmation and gifts in final place.

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