Toss Frozen Hash Browns Onto Any Casserole For A Crunchy, Flaky Top

plates of hashbrowns and casserole
plates of hashbrowns and casserole - Static Media / Shutterstock / Getty

The casserole is one of the most quintessential comfort foods out there — whether it's a classic green bean casserole or a savory meat-based casserole, they're ultra hearty and super delicious. But, as it turns out, there's a way to make your favorite casserole even more tasty and comforting: use frozen hash browns for a crunchy, flaky top.

All you have to do is prepare the casserole recipe as normal, then, at the end, add a layer of frozen or refrigerated shredded hash browns. You can use either frozen or refrigerated, but if you use frozen, make sure to let it thaw beforehand (otherwise the rest of the casserole may finish cooking before the top hash brown layer).

The hash browns also pair up perfectly with another ingredient that all of the best casseroles have: cheese. You can make the top layer gooey as well as crunchy by mixing shredded cheese into the shredded hash browns.

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Which Casseroles Should You Add Hash Browns To?

Spatula scooping out casserole
Spatula scooping out casserole - Kubatina Katerina/Shutterstock

While the hash brown topping will work on a plethora of casseroles, some are certainly more suited than others — here's where to start. There's easily no better place to start than with a croissant breakfast casserole — the hash browns will fit right in with the breakfast theme. And speaking of breakfast, there's another casserole that highlights a major breakfast food and is also a good match for the hash brown topping: the sweet potato casserole with bacon. The hash browns will bring in the crunchiness that's missing, while also contributing a savoriness to balance out the sweet potatoes.

There's also the ham and cheese strata, which gets its crunchy topping from cereal — if you don't love the idea of cereal on your casserole, then you can replace it with the hash browns, which will taste delicious alongside the ham and cheese. Then, of course, there's the green bean casserole, one of the most popular (and comforting) casserole dishes out there. While it's fine as it is, it doesn't hurt to switch up a classic now and again — the hash browns will take the beloved dish to the next delicious level and is certainly worth a try.

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