Toss Some Sliced Kiwi In Your Air Fryer For A Sweet And Crunchy Snack

Kiwi chips next to fresh kiwi
Kiwi chips next to fresh kiwi - LY photographer/Shutterstock

Looking for a healthy snack that's reminiscent of your favorite childhood snacks? Kiwi chips are the answer. The perfect compromise, they boast the sweetness and tang of tart candy paired with the crisp crunch of perfectly fried potato chips. What's more, kiwi chips don't just satisfy cravings, they also boost your daily intake of fruit. Not to mention that they're super easy to make. All you need to do is cut up some fresh kiwi and let your air fryer take care of the rest.

To be clear, there's nothing wrong with enjoying kiwi in its natural state. But, a bowl of fresh fruit doesn't always make for the most enticing of snacks. Although you could doll up kiwi with a drizzle of caramel sauce or sprinkle of cocoa powder, we recommend revamping fruit by playing with texture. This is where air frying comes in. Simply a matter of slicing fruit and adding it to the appliance, transforming any type of green or gold kiwi into fabulously crunchy chips is worth your while on so many levels.

Unlike a ripe kiwi that's soft and succulent, air frying kiwi (or any other fruit for that matter) allows it to take on a totally different texture. Subject to a process of dehydration, the once juicy pieces become irresistibly crisp and audibly crunchy. As for flavor, kiwi's boldness doesn't falter. In fact, as moisture is pulled from the kiwi, its sugars and flavors only become more concentrated, further emphasizing its flavorful punch.

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Tips And Tricks For Achieving The Perfect Kiwi Chips

Kiwi chips next to fresh kiwi and knife
Kiwi chips next to fresh kiwi and knife - Svetlana-Cherruty/Getty Images

Starting with quality produce makes all the difference. Kiwi should be ripe for optimal flavor, but firm enough for easier handling. After giving the fruit a good rinse, peel its fuzzy brown skins (or don't), and slice each kiwi into 1/4 inch rounds — we advise using a mandoline to ensure uniformity. Once prepped, pat the slices dry before lining them in the fryer basket, taking care not to overlap them. Though not necessary, you can also customize kiwi chips at this point, drizzling on citrus juice or a sprinkle of nutmeg.

To start, set your appliance to 330 degrees Fahrenheit and air fry for five to seven minutes. For crispier chips, you may want to opt for a longer fry time — ideally 20 to 30 minutes. From there, you can play it by ear and air fry to your liking. While the size of the slices and the ratio of moisture will affect timing, kiwi chips are ready once they're no longer jammy, but rather green and crispy from the edge through to their center.

Kiwi chips can be eaten as is, but they can also be served with a cheesecake fruit dip. Otherwise, the chips can be crumbled over top of salads, bowls of oatmeal, or scoops of vanilla ice cream. The fruit chips can even make a tasty addition to trail mix. With so many ways to snack, how will you enjoy the pleasantly crunchy, sweet-yet-sour kiwi chips?

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