A Passenger Caught A ‘Wing Coming Apart’ On Camera During Flight To Boston

The video posted on Facebook and shared with local news outlets shows the Boeing 757-200 with noticeable damage to its right wing while attempting to fly from San Francisco to Boston.

  Kevin Clarke/AP
Kevin Clarke/AP

A United Airlines flight was forced to make an early landing Monday after pieces of the wing appeared shredded mid-flight, as seen in a video taken by a concerned passenger.

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Scm Jeans / Getty Images

“We are about to land in Denver with the wing coming apart on the plane,” passenger Kevin Clarke says in a video he shot and that was posted on Facebook by his wife. “Touchdown any second and the nightmare will be over.” Another photo appearing to show the damage was posted by a purported passenger on Reddit as well.

Clarke told WMTW, a local Maine television station, that he had just started to doze off when he heard “this incredible loud vibration like I’ve never heard ... I was like, what was that? And it stopped within seconds.”

A United spokesperson confirmed in a statement to HuffPost that there was an issue with the slat on the wing. The flight carrying 165 passengers landed safely in Denver, and the passengers were placed on a different plane, which arrived in Boston later that night.

The Federal Aviation Administration said it is investigating the incident. A preliminary report released Wednesday said the slat broke off during departure. No injuries were reported.This article originally appeared on HuffPost.