Tracy Moore focuses on what 'went right' in 2022 reflection: 'Living a joyous life'

The Canadian TV host is taking the positive outlook in her 2022 reflection.

Tracy Moore is looking on the bright side as 2022 comes to a close.

The Canadian TV host, 47, took to Instagram on Thursday to share a candid video compilation of some of her favourite moments from past year, paired with a reminder for her more than 150,000 followers to focus on what "went right" in 2022.

The Instagram Reel includes clips of Moore practicing self-care by reading a book and taking a bubble bath, as well as moments spent with her friends, husband and their two children throughout the year.

"Living a joyous life doesn't mean things don't go wrong. Things went wrong this year! I just tend to focus on the things that went right, and so many things went right," she captioned the video. "Save this sound and throw some moments of joy in there from this year. You’ll look back and smile."

In the comments, fans applauded the Richmond Hill, Ont.-native for her positive reflection on 2022 and thanked her for the important reminder.

"Needed this today," one Instagram user wrote. "More joy and happiness to you in 2023."

"Yes! It's so easy to focus on the negative when hidden, there are also so many positive things," someone else commented. "Thank you for this."

"Great message, especially as we wrap up the year!" another added.

"I can't love this enough," a fan shared.

One person chimed in: "Love this reminder that life is so precious."

Earlier this month, the mom-of-two shared another powerful message with her Instagram followers about how freeing self-acceptance feels.

She posted a video of herself posing in a bathroom while wearing a one-shoulder orange and fuchsia satin midi dress by Canadian apparel brand Freda's paired with hot pink booties from Zara. In the clip, Moore explained that she decided not to "suck in" or wear shapewear and instead "let it all hang out."

"Look at this little number," she began. "I decided to go without the shapewear today. I just wasn't feeling it. Full disclosure, I forgot it at home. But you know what, it's very liberating. Let her out. You're free, baby. It's not a baby — it's a burger."

"I let out my pooch yesterday and we both had a hell of a time. Now, are you team sucked-in-shapewear or team let it all hang out? I can be either, depends on the day."

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