Canadian TV host Tracy Moore praised for body positive message: 'Speak nicely to yourself'

Tracy Moore is encouraging positive self-talk.

On Monday, the Canadian television host took to Instagram to share an inspirational post with her 145,000 followers. In the caption, the 47-year-old shared the ways she speaks kindly about her body rather than criticizing herself.

"If you caught @981chfi this morning you heard @gurdeepa and I talking about women, body image, and social media," the mother-of-two wrote alongside a video of herself jumping rope. "The interview will air over a couple of days because we chatted about a lot. The point? Speak nicely to yourself today. Try anyway. There are forces trying to bring you down both internally and externally."

"Be your own ally and talk nice to yourself," she added.

However, the star of the video was Moore providing her own commentary while the exercise clip played in the background.

"Hey, I'm not immune to the messages we get from society about how we're supposed to actually hate ourselves. I just work really hard to try and reverse that," she explained. "So after three weeks of eating all the food — all the food in Europe. Ouf, it was good — I'm back and at the gym this morning, and I had to be really diligent about how I was speaking about my body."

The "Cityline" host went on explain how although she's gained weight during her holiday, she is grateful for everything her body does for her.

"So, I'm looking at my waist. It's thicker. I'm looking at my thighs. They're bigger. The waist-thigh ratio is still on point. Look at the shoulders. I like my ankles — I like my feet, I'm getting to like my feet," Moore continued. "The body is giving what it is supposed to give which is health. I am jumping rope, I am skipping, I am moving. It is doing what it is supposed to do. It's a beautiful work of art."

"I'm saying it's not easy. I'm saying it takes practice. I'm saying talk to yourself nicely 'cause your body is doing what it needs to do, and that is holding you up and it's moving," she concluded.

Cityline host Tracy Moore opened up about her life and body in her latest Instagram post. (Photo by George Pimentel/Getty Images)
Tracy Moore often talks about body positivity on Instagram. (Photo by George Pimentel/Getty Images)

Moore's video was quickly met with support from fans who appreciated her self love message.

"Yes! It’s all about being kind and it starts with being kind to ourselves," one Instagram user wrote.

"So true. And so often, so hard to do. Thanks for this reminder, T," another added.

One fan commented: "Thanks for always keeping it real Tracy."

"I love this! But I wish I didn’t need this reminder for myself so often. Thanks for sharing it," someone else chimed in.

"Say it louder for the whole world to hear. Our bodies are our life. Let's embrace what we have and be grateful," another shared.

"Love your energy," commented a fan.

In May, Moore shared a similar message that encouraged her followers to "thank" their bodies.

"I am having a good body day. I am having a good body week. You know what, I’m having a good body month and it has nothing to do with the number on the scale," she captioned a video of herself working out, stitched with a motivational video from TikToker Kari Kemp.

"I feel strong, fast and motivated. So I took the video, and I took the picture. I didn’t care who was watching. And it felt good. How will you thank your body today?" Moore added.

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