Tracy Moore opens up about Diwali and cultural appropriation: 'Important distinction'

Tracy Moore is getting real about celebrating other cultures.

On Monday, the "Cityline" host took to Instagram to share a video of herself posing in a pink saree to celebrate Diwali — a traditional Hindu festival.

Moore paired the clip with a powerful message about cultural appropriation.

"Today we celebrate Diwali on Cityline. Last year I explained why I didn’t want to wear a saree. I am hyper-sensitive to cultural appropriation," she captioned the post for her 150,000 followers. "From everyone and their daughter calling me 'sis' to folks wearing blackface for Halloween. I did not want to be one of those people, and so I refrained."

The mother-of-two explained that she was later informed that wearing a saree and celebrating Diwali is "an absolute compliment," according to "so many South Asian women."

"If you’re wearing our tradition as a costume without understanding the culture - it’s problematic. So here I am in all of Tia Bhuva’s saree glory. I felt like a Queen," she concluded.

Fans loved the TV host's message and thanked her for shedding light on an important topic.

"This is so important! There's a difference between appropriating another culture and celebrating it," someone commented.

Another added: "You look beautiful in that saree! Happy Diwali! And thank you for the reminder that celebrating other cultures is welcomed."

"Gorgeous! I love this and thank you for sharing," a fan wrote.

"This is beautiful — the gesture, the show of appreciation, the saree and the celebration. Flawless! Happy Diwali to all who celebrate," another penned.

An Instagram user shared: "Thank you for the lesson, Tracy! An important distinction."

Moore wasn't the only Canadian TV personality to celebrate Diwali.

"ET Canada" host Sangita Patel celebrated the Festival of Lights by sharing a video of herself performing a dance with a Diya lamp.

In the video, she wore a pink and beige floral lehenga by Canadian-Indian designer Mani Jassal.

"Happy Diwali," Patel wrote. "Festival of Lights just brings so much joy. Maybe because of the ‘zero calories’ sweets shared with family and friends."

"But it’s light over darkness and happiness over despair," the 43-year-old continued. "Tomorrow light a candle, a Diya, and take a moment to reflect on your blessings."

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