Tracy Moore chills in a hotel suite to gift herself some 'solitude': 'Love this'

The Canadian TV host shared an Instagram Reel of her latest "me time" adventure.

Tracy Moore is recharging with some alone time.

On Wednesday, the Canadian TV host, 47, shared an Instagram Reel of herself relaxing in a Toronto hotel room. In the clip, the "Cityline" star wore a white bathrobe and sat on a blue couch, while gazing at the city's skyline from her room's window.

Moore added the song "To Me" by Alina Baraz in the video, to which she included the following lyrics as on-screen text: "Here's to good people, good nights, good highs, good health. Some tears, some stress, but I count my blessings."

In the caption to her post, Moore explained to her more than 151,000 followers why her "solitude" is important for her mental health.

"One day for family. One day for friends. One day for me," she penned. "I love excitement and commotion and people, but I can't do any of it unless I gift myself solitude. Sometimes, it's locking myself in the bathroom. Sometimes, it's chillin' in a hotel suite. Thinking, reading, sipping, staring, daydreaming, laughing (seriously, I'm a good time), praying, all on my own. Somehow spending time alone makes everything else make sense."

In the comments, fans applauded the Richmond Hill, Ont.-born television host for prioritizing her alone time.

"Absolutely love this, Tracy. I need to learn to take time for myself," one Instagram user commented.

Another added, "Love this. Yes. Making space for ourselves to reset is major."

"It's difficult sometimes to take that solitude without guilt. But I know that 'me time' makes me a better version of myself!" a fan shared.

One person wrote: "Good for you. We forget how important taking care of ourselves is. If you're not in a good place, you can't do good for others."

Moore took to Instagram with a similar message last June, encouraging her followers to "lower the bar" of what's expected of them in their day-to-day lives, using a method she dubbed the "Pick Two" rule.

"On any given day, I'm never going to get it all right. I may eat, clean and be supportive and lovely to my hubs, but I might implode on my kids. I might have a big catch-up with my parents and play with the kids but also ignore a whole bunch of work duties. I let myself off the hook daily. Because you know what... I'm picking two," she said.

"In general, don't you find there's this push in society and the media that [there's] this push to be good at everything? You know what I say? Pick two. You're gonna be nice to your kids [and] you're gonna eat clean meals? You're gonna be a jerk to your husband."

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