Canadian TV host Tracy Moore shares sweet message to her kids on family vacation

Canadian TV host Tracy Moore shares sweet message to her kids on family vacation

Tracy Moore is sharing a heartwarming message for her kids.

On Tuesday, the Canadian television host took to Instagram to share a reel of herself spending time with her two kids while on a family vacation, paired with a sweet note about getting "reacquainted" with them at every new "stage" of their lives.

"We’re on a family vacation and every time we travel abroad I notice new things about my kids, because every time we travel, they’ve changed," she began. "We all have. That’s what growth is."

"And so we get reacquainted and learn each other all over again with each new stage," Moore penned. "And I’m happy to say I like all the versions of them so far."

"Sometimes I’d still like to give them up for adoption," she quipped. "But those thoughts are (thankfully) fleeting #FamilyVacation."

"My biggest hope is that one day my kids look back on their childhood and know that their mom didn't just love them, she truly enjoyed them," she wrote in the video.

The "Cityline" host's video was met with a warm response from fans who thought the letter to her children was "so relatable."

"Love this. Well said. I love all versions of my kids too," someone commented, while another wrote, "Well, this made me cry. So beautiful."

"Thank you for sharing this! It's so relatable and goes both ways. I always felt like not only was my mother getting to know the new me at every stage of my life, but I was also getting to know her through all of her stages as well. It's such a beautiful thing!" one Instagram user shared.

"This is a beautiful love letter to your children," added another.

"So sweet," someone chimed in.

One fan commented: "So true, I just sent this video to my adult children!"

"So important to enjoy your kids but more importantly letting them know how much you enjoy them!! You’re a great mom!" wrote another.

This isn't the first time Moore has gotten candid with her Instagram followers about motherhood. In June, she opened up about being a "recovering perfectionist," and revealing the method she uses to be the best version of herself, the "pick two rule."

"While I don’t want to suck at life, I’ve been following the 'Pick Two' rule for many years now. On any given day I’m never going to get it all right. I may eat clean and be supportive and lovely to my hubs, but I might implode on my kids. I might have a big catch-up with my parents and play with the kids but also ignore a whole bunch of work duties. I let myself off the hook daily. Because you know what ... I’m picking two. That’s it!" she wrote.

"Sidebar 2: I was good to my kids and worked out today. So yeah, everyone else got crap-all from me," she added.

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