Canadian TV host embraces makeup-free skin: 'Freckles coming in hot'

Photo via Instagram @thetracymoore
Tracy Moore is proud of her freckles. (Photo via Instagram @thetracymoore)

Tracy Moore is embracing the skin she's in— freckles and all.

The Canadian television host took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a makeup-free video encouraging followers to be proud of their complexion—with or without makeup.

"Freckles coming in hot," the 47-year-old captioned the post. "This post is to remind you that sun damage and unkempt brows are A-OK."

"It’s your face and no one gets to have it but you. Also, you might see me tomorrow with double fake lashes and bronzer you can spot from Mars. I dig a full glam-up as much as I like to go makeup-free," she continued. "The important thing is it’s our choice to make. Enjoy your face today my friends."

Moore's video selfie was quickly met with support from fans who appreciated her message about championing natural beauty while also enjoying wearing makeup.

"Yes. I can totally relate to this!" one Instagram user commented.

"Yes, the importance of choice!" another added. "You are always glowing, with or without makeup."

"Beautiful with or without!" someone else wrote. "I’m embracing the summer freckles too."

"It’s always great to get real but to have your face kit in your back pocket," one person pointed out.

"More of this please! Love the freckles. As someone who has blotchy skin and melasma, this really hits home." another commented.

"I have freckles on my back and I am so uncomfortable," a follower wrote. "Thank you for reminding me it's OK to accept me for who I am!"

Back in December, Moore was praised for firing back at shamers. The "Cityline" host shared a carousel of screenshots, highlighting offensive comments she has received.

“Did you get whiplash reading this carousel?” she captioned the post. "'Tracy, why are you fat? Tracy, why are you thin? Your body has changed, Tracy, and we demand answers.'"

“I understand you may feel you deserve answers on why my body looks the way it does because I’m public-facing. But big or small – it’s my body and it actually doesn’t owe anyone anything,” Moore continued.

Moore reminded her fans and viewers that it's up to them to process their own feelings about the way they view both their bodies and those of other women.

“I love that you love my body but honestly the only thing that counts is that I love my body. And I do love this body regardless of its outward appearance. I hope you also love yours,” Moore concluded.

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