Canadian TV host gets real about being 'fooled' by social media: 'Whole lot of fake'

Cityline Host Tracy Moore shared a motivational video about body acceptance and self-love. (Photo by George Pimentel/WireImage)
Cityline Host Tracy Moore shared a motivational video about body acceptance and self-love. (Photo by George Pimentel/WireImage)

Tracy Moore is keeping it real when it comes to her body and social media.

The Canadian television host took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a segment from Cityline that encouraged her followers to "love" their bodies and "not be fooled" by what they see online.

"I’ve had many a battle with my body over the years and I know exactly why. Society pushes a narrative of beauty on us that is highly exclusive, fat-phobic, often Euro-centric and wildly unattainable for a huge swath of the population," the 47-year-old captioned the video, which showed her taking off her shape wear to reveal her "real" body.

In the clip, Moore explained that "most of us are being fooled by social media every day. Fooled into thinking the perfect bodies and flawless faces we see actually look like that in real life. What’s really going on here is a whole lot of fake."

Moore's post was quickly met with support from fans who appreciated her inspiring and motivational message about body acceptance and self-love.

"What a great post and episode. We all get sucked into these impossible beauty expectations. Thanks for being such a great role model always!" one follower commented.

"Thank you for stepping up and showing us all how to be confident and loving ourselves!" another wrote. "And thank you for pulling back the curtain on this important issue."

"This is an incredible message. Many times I’ve decided against a photo and instead picked another one with a better angle or one that was cropped because of my little extra bit of tummy. Social media is just that! Smoke and mirrors. Thank you for revving up the conversation," said another.

This isn't the first time that Moore has opened up about her authentic self.

Earlier this month, the star posted a makeup-free video encouraging followers to be proud of their complexion—with or without makeup.

"Freckles coming in HOT," she captioned the post. "This post is to remind you that sun damage and unkempt brows are A-OK."

"It’s your face and no one gets to have it but you. Also, you might see me tomorrow with double fake lashes and bronzer you can spot from Mars. I dig a full glam-up as much as I like to go makeup-free," she continued. "The important thing is it’s our choice to make. Enjoy your face today my friends."

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