Tracy Moore shares powerful message urging fans to prioritize rest: 'Go lie down'

The host said resting can be difficult to justify when you have a pressing to-do list.

Tracy Moore is embracing rest and relaxation.

On Monday, the "Cityline" host shared a candid Instagram Reel of herself sitting on a beach in a pair of denim shorts and a yellow top, alongside an inspirational message emphasizing the power of simply laying down.

The mom-of-two paired her video with an audio clip that says: "You can rest, and everything that's going to happen for you is still going to happen for you."

In the caption, Moore opened up her goal for the year.

"Are you also part of the productivity generation?" she asked her followers.

"My word for 2023 was 'less' and I said it with my whole chest," the 48-year-old penned. "I am leaving space for daydreaming, naps and creativity. I am filling my own cup before it gets close to empty."

She pointed out that while resting can be difficult to justify when you have a pressing to-do list, it's necessary.

"It is so difficult to justify rest. But no justification is needed. My rest is part of my productivity," Moore shared. "Everything in nature moves through cycles of activity and rest. Humans should be no different."

The Canadian TV host offered a piece of advice for anyone who needs permission to make time for themselves.

"If you’re looking for permission to take it easy, Auntie Tracy says, 'Go lie down,'" Moore concluded.

In the comments, fans thanked Moore for inspiring them to break free from the "hustle mentality."

My rest is part of my productivity.Tracy Moore

"Yes and thank you," fellow Canadian TV host Cheryl Hickey commented.

"This is so important! Thank you for sharing. We're all so caught up in the hustle mentality, but it's so damaging," an Instagram user wrote. "We only get [one] life, don't spend it working your a— off."

"Rest is not a reward. It's a necessity!," someone else echoed.

"You speak my language Tracy! I love everything about this," a fan shared.

Back in April, Moore shared another candid Instagram Reel about honouring her needs amid symptoms of perimenopause.

"It is a beautiful day today, but for some reason, I'm feeling off, " she began the clip. "I'm getting very easily irritated. I don't know why."

"So my hot tip is: I don't ask why. I don't ask why I'm feeling off today. I don't ask why I'm irritated. I accept it. I have sequestered myself from my family. I'm in the backyard with this guy," she said. "This is going to be me for the rest of the day."

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