I’ve found the perfect transitional weather jacket—here’s my review

Tradlands Chore Jacket in Sepia
Tradlands Chore Jacket in Sepia

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If you know me (or if you’ve read my reviews before), you’ll know that I’ve had it with fast fashion.

While I love affordable trends and switching up my wardrobe, as I became more aware of how the fashion industry impacts the environment, the more I didn’t feel right supporting.

Of course, that’s easier said than done. My main struggle: I fully recognize that sustainable, ethical fashion is typically more expensive than its fast-fashion counterpart — and it’s very difficult for many people, myself included, to justify spending $300 on a Reformation dress when I could buy 10 $30 ones from H&M or Zara. But part of my personal transition to buying ethically and sustainably is also paring down my wardrobe: More upcycling, buying second hand, and buying fewer, but better quality, pieces that I can theoretically wear for years to come.

Tradlands Chore Jacket in Sepia
Tradlands Chore Jacket in Sepia

Earlier this year, I stumbled upon Tradlands, a sustainable fashion brand that creates lovely, Instagram-worthy basics and prides themselves on I wore their Box T-Shirt all summer, and it’s still one of the most-worn pieces in my wardrobe now that it’s cooler. So when I saw they were releasing a simple chore jacket, I knew I had to try it.

I got the Beverly Chore Jacket in Sepia, a lovely earth-toned reddish brown. At about $255 CAD ($197 USD), it’s definitely pricey—but it’s a timeless basic that I’ve found myself reaching for nearly daily since I received it.

Tradlands Chore Jacket in Juniper
Tradlands Chore Jacket in Juniper

The rust colour is truly unique, and completely perfect for fall. The straight-cut silhouette allows the jacket to be flattering without being too formfitting (my nightmare) or boxy (my other nightmare). While I’ve loved jackets like this for awhile, this is the first one that doesn’t make me look like I’m a wannabe artist. The best part of this jacket, in my opinion, is the front pockets - I find it super easy to slip my phone into while commuting to work, and have also stored my keys and dog treats in the pockets while walking or playing with my dog.

I’ve only had it for a couple of weeks, and I’ve probably already worn it 10 times, just to give you an idea of its functionality. I’ve worn it with a midi dress, skirts, jeans and leggings — and I’m amazed by how it transforms from work to weekend.

I’m also surprised by how warm it is. The jacket is unlined, which I thought might be a problem as the weather cools down — especially knowing how in Canada, it tends to feel like it go from summer to winter within seconds. But since it’s made of 100% thick, high quality cotton canvas, it’s actually extremely warm — and even better, it cuts the wind.

The only downside, which is a problem Canadians face with many fashion brands (not just sustainable), is the duty. Unlike some brands, Tradlands doesn’t offer you the option to pay duties up front, so it’s paid upon delivery. Duty and handling fees added about $25 to my order. If you’re unsure about the fees - I’d suggest checking out this duty calculator.

The Beverly Chore Jacket also comes in Juniper, a beautiful forest green shade. If you’d like to shop the transitional weather favourite of mine, check it out below.

Are you making the transition to sustainable fashion? Let us know in the comments below.