Travis Kelce Just Hid Another Taylor Swift Easter Egg in Plain Sight

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We were so distracted by Travis Kelce singing “Bad Blood,” we totally missed his sartorial reference to Taylor Swift.

ICYMI, NBA star Chandler Parsons attempted to distract Kelce during a friendly round of golf by playing the 1989 revenge banger while the NFL player teed off. The intimidation tactic, of course, had the opposite effect. “This backfired,” a voice can be heard saying as Kelce hit the ball in a way that was, presumably, impressive.

Honestly, anyone who paid attention during the last NFL season could have told Parsons that, considering Kelce himself admits to playing better football with his pop star girlfriend in the stands. The tight end celebrated his shot by dancing to the song and singing the lyrics straight to the camera like a true Swiftie.

The moment was so endearing that I initially failed to notice that Travis Kelce was wearing yet another Swift-coded item on his person. As one user pointed out, his Thousand Oaks hat is not only stitched with “1989”—the year he and Swift were born and the name of album that features “Bad Blood”—but it has an image of an archer…like the 1989 song “The Archer.” There is simply no possible way this is a coincidence.

In fact, I'd even go so far as to argue that the all-white ’fit is a reference to Swift's new color palette for The Tortured Poets Department. It wouldn't be the first time he's dressed up to match a Taylor Swift era….

Between this golf look, his friendship bracelets, and all those Swift-coded ’fits from football seasons, it’s only a matter of time before Kelce calls up Tom Hiddleston to borrow his “I ❤️ Taylor” tank top.

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Taylor Swift stepped out in a look that’s basically the opposite of *Reputation* for a lunch date with Travis Kelce.

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