Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Have Hung Out "Several Times" Over the Past Few Months

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Have Hung Out "Several Times" Over the Past Few Months

So, turns out Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift's post-game date on Sunday was not their first. These two have been low-key dating for a couple weeks now, something Travis' brother Jason Kelce made super clear, bless him, but has only recently been confirmed with our own eyeballs.

According to TMZ sources, while the pair are not "officially" dating, they've hung out together "several times" over the last few months. Months!!! These hang outs have, naturally, taken place in a "very private setting," and Sunday's public outing was the first time Taylor met Travis' parents Donna and Ed. (By the way, they loved Taylor and Donna said she was "a lovely person").

Meanwhile, Entertainment Tonight spoke to a source who said that "Travis and Taylor have a lot in common and they are having a great time getting to know each other. They have similar values. She likes that he pursued her and it has been easy and exciting for both of them."

Also, "Taylor is enjoying some time off from touring and it’s been fun hanging out with Travis during this break. Taylor wants a guy that’s into his career, does his own thing, but is also supportive and understands her, and Travis fits those qualities."

Taylor is starting her tour back up pretty soon, while Travis is pretty busy with the football season—so these two definitely have their own thing going on for a while. TBD on what happens next!

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