We Tried 14 Tate's Bake Shop Cookie Flavors And This Is Our Favorite One

assorted Tate's Bake Shop cookies
assorted Tate's Bake Shop cookies - Monika Sudakov/Daily Meal

Regardless of what your go-to cookie type is, Tate's Bake Shop has you covered. The New York-based company has made its signature thin-and-crisp cookies since 1980 and has continued to evolve beyond its signature chocolate chip cookie flavor by expanding its repertoire to accommodate differing tastes and dietary restrictions. It has recently introduced its Tiny Tate's line of cookies in chocolate chip and snickerdoodle flavors. These miniature cookies are bite-sized and snackable. They also come in resealable packages, which makes eating just a couple as a sweet treat even easier.

As a chef, I have baked my fair share of cookies in my roughly two decades of professional experience, and I have many go-to cookie recipes that are distinct and creative. Yet, sometimes, grabbing a treat without heating the oven and busting out the mixing bowls is a nice change of pace. That's where Tate's Bake Shop can help. For our research, I sampled 14 of Tate's Bake Shop cookie flavors. I used my well-honed culinary skills to assess these cookies based on aroma, texture, and taste. I then ranked them from worst to best, using a ranking methodology that I'll expand on at the end of this article. In the meantime, discover which Tate's Bake Shop cookie creations reigned supreme.

Some recommendations are based on first-hand impressions of promotional materials and products provided by the manufacturer/distributor/etc.

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14. Vegan Vanilla Maple

Vegan Vanilla Maple cookies
Vegan Vanilla Maple cookies - Monika Sudakov/Daily Meal

The Vegan Vanilla Maple flavor landed at the bottom of my Tate's Bake Shop cookie ranking. As vegan cookies go, these were not bad. They resembled something of a Nilla Wafer, but not as delicate. Their biggest flaw was their texture. While all of Tate's Bake Shop cookies are thin-and-crisp, these cookies are significantly thicker but have a brittle, somewhat gritty texture that breaks apart when you bite into one. It leaves almost a sandy film on your tongue, which is unpleasant.

The aroma of these cookies contains vanilla and maple notes, befitting their flavor profile. While this translates to the taste, a distinct aftertaste, that is less pleasing, lingers. My taste buds recognize this as something vegetable-forward, with a hint of bitterness. After evaluating the ingredients list, my instinct is that it could be the plant butter used as a binder. That said, this aftertaste distracts from the pleasant sweetness of the maple and vanilla. Overall, I would give these cookies a C- grade.

13. Vegan Chocolate Chip

Vegan Chocolate Chip cookies
Vegan Chocolate Chip cookies - Monika Sudakov/Daily Meal

Next to last on this ranking of Tate's Bake Shop cookie varieties is the brand's Vegan Chocolate Chip flavor. This cookie excelled in its distribution of chocolate chips. They were abundant and featured prominently in every bite, which was welcome. The chocolate was also the star in the aroma department, announcing its presence from the get-go.

Where this cookie was lacking was yet again in the texture department. Like the Vegan Vanilla Maple flavor, this cookie had a brittle, gritty, almost sandy mouthfeel. But it was markedly thinner than the other variety, giving it a slight edge over that one. Its overall flavor was a win; it wasn't overly sweet, with a pleasant buttery cookie surrounding the generous chocolate chips. Again, as vegan cookies go, this is one of the better ones I have eaten. For this reason, I would give this cookie a C, which is a step above the Vegan Vanilla Maple variety.

12. Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chip cookies
Chocolate Chip cookies - Monika Sudakov/Daily Meal

I can hardly believe I'm saying this, but the cookie ranking third to last on my list of Tate's Bake Shop varieties is the original Chocolate Chip flavor. I know this cookie is where it all began, but I was underwhelmed by it. One of the cardinal sins of chocolate chip cookie making is being stingy with the chocolate chips. From the aroma to the taste of this cookie, the chocolate chips were noticeably sparse.

The cookie itself had a marvelous, crisp texture that was not overly crunchy. Its flavor was not too sweet and there were caramelized sugar notes that gave it some complexity. Otherwise, these cookies were bland and could have used more chocolate chips to bolster their taste. I will note that the Tiny Tate's variety was abundantly more flavorful and better balanced in chocolate flavor. Sadly, this was not the case with the full-sized cookies, resulting in a C+ grade for this classic variety.

11. Butter Crunch

Butter Crunch cookies
Butter Crunch cookies - Monika Sudakov/Daily Meal

Next on our ranking of Tate's Bake Shop cookie flavors is the Butter Crunch variety. This sweet and savory cookie is intended to mimic buttery toffee notes. In this regard, it succeeds, as it does have hints of caramel, brown sugar, and molasses combined with salty butter. It was among the sweetest cookies I tasted, which may have occurred due to an attempt to offset the cookie's savory elements. Its aroma has distinctive burnt sugar notes, which I don't mind, but are also quite intense.

The cookie is the crispest of the bunch I sampled -- verging on a bit too crunchy for my taste. Again, this is typical of toffee, which makes it unsurprising, but it's just not appealing to my palate. When I tested these, my jaw and teeth were getting a better workout than I prefer when eating a sweet treat. In execution, this cookie delivers, but it's not my cup of tea, so I give it a B- grade.

10. Coconut Crisp

Coconut Crisp cookies
Coconut Crisp cookies - Monika Sudakov/Daily Meal

To explain why this cookie ranked where it did, I'd like to start by saying there is nothing wrong with its flavor. It is just a distinctive flavor that's not to everyone's liking. The Coconut Crisp cookie flavor from Tate's Bake Shop is what it sounds like. From its aroma to its flavor, it delivers intense coconut notes, without much else to muddy the taste.

The cookie itself is thin, crisp, and overly sweet. I will also note that this cookie (like all the others) had a not altogether uniformly round shape, giving these Coconut Crisp cookies the impression that they were homemade and baked from scratch, which was welcome. One thing I would have preferred in this cookie would be a chewier texture, reminiscent of a perfect coconut macaroon. Otherwise, I give this cookie a solid B grade and would recommend it to any coconut aficionados out there.

9. White Chocolate Macadamia Nut

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookies
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookies - Monika Sudakov/Daily Meal

The White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookies from Tate's Bake Shop have a similar issue as the Coconut Crisp cookies, in terms of being a somewhat acquired taste. Macadamia nuts are a tropical specialty with a distinctly buttery, slightly sweet, and mildly bitter flavor profile that makes them uniquely suited for incorporating into desserts of all kinds. However, the nut's flavor isn't for everyone.

In this case, the nuts were the star, with the white chocolate being somewhat of an aftertaste. This led to an imbalance between the sweet and savory flavors. I enjoy the unique taste of macadamia nuts, so I did not mind this. Despite this, I might have enjoyed a cookie with more sweetness from the white chocolate chips to offset the nuts. The texture of this cookie was thin and crisp, with the richness of the nuts complementing the crunchiness of the cookie itself. This cookie gets a B grade from me, edging out the coconut cookies purely based on personal preference.

8. Walnut Chocolate Chip

Walnut Chocolate Chip cookies
Walnut Chocolate Chip cookies - Monika Sudakov/Daily Meal

Tate's Bake Shop's Walnut Chocolate Chip cookie ranks next on my list. This cookie had a couple of minor issues -- especially in its balance of flavors -- that landed it toward the middle of this list. However, this should not detract from its quality. Its aroma was distinctly chocolatey, but the nuts were not particularly evident. The texture of this cookie was thin and crisp, if not perhaps more delicately crunchy than some of the other cookies featuring nuts.

The flavor of this cookie is where there were a couple of hiccups. The walnuts, though present, were not prominent in flavor. This may have been a deliberate decision, as walnuts can be inherently bitter. But I would have enjoyed a few more of them in the mix. I also noticed a distinctive salinity that lingered in the aftertaste. While a sprinkle of salt atop a chocolate chip cookie can lend nuance, this requires a delicate hand. For this reason, I give this cookie a B (almost a B+) grade.

7. Gluten Free Chocolate Chip

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip cookies
Gluten Free Chocolate Chip cookies - Monika Sudakov/Daily Meal

The Gluten Free Chocolate Chip variety ranks next among Tate's Bake Shop flavors. I was surprised that this cookie ranked above the plain chocolate chip, but it was shockingly good. In general, gluten-free cookies can often be dry and have an odd, off-putting taste that is vegetable-forward or leguminous. This cookie didn't have any of these unpleasant qualities.

The aroma of this cookie was chocolate chip-forward, and the chips were visible throughout the accidentally heart-shaped cookie. The texture of this cookie was crisp but had a hint of chewiness that I liked. I do not know how Tate's achieved both textures -- especially using gluten-free flour -- but it was dynamite. The sweetness of this cookie was on point, and the ratio of chocolate chips to cookie batter was well-balanced. Gluten-free or not, this is a perfectly executed chocolate chip cookie. I gave it a B+ grade and would highly recommend it to anyone needing to eat gluten-free.

6. Gluten Free Ginger Zinger

Gluten Free Ginger Zinger cookies
Gluten Free Ginger Zinger cookies - Monika Sudakov/Daily Meal

The Gluten Free Ginger Zinger cookies from Tate's Bake Shop get kudos for their originality. When I busted open this package, I was anticipating something akin to ginger snaps, a childhood favorite and common ingredient I enjoy using to create pie crusts. While these were reminiscent of ginger snaps, they were also totally original.

The aroma lacked ginger notes, but ginger quickly showed up in the taste of these cookies. The little chunks of chewy crystalized ginger in the cookies are intensely flavored, making these cookies sweet and spicy. They also have a bit of a less crisp texture, owing to these ginger chunks. Though these cookies may be less ideal for using as a pie crust, they are delicious to eat if you are a ginger lover. The fact that they are gluten-free is a bonus and doesn't adversely impact the flavor or texture. These cookies get a resounding A- from me.

5. Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip

Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip cookies
Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip cookies - Monika Sudakov/Daily Meal

If you have ever wondered what a cookie married to a candy bar would taste like, your dreams have become a reality thanks to these Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip cookies from Tate's Bake Shop. This cookie is among the sweetest I sampled, which may be a pro or a con based on individual tastes. While I prefer more savory cookies, there is no denying the deliciousness of these treats.

The aroma and flavor are dominated by the salted caramel chunks strewn throughout each cookie. They are far more prominent than the chocolate pieces, perhaps making these cookies less well-balanced than I would like. The texture of these cookies is also on the chewier side because of the chunks of caramel. As you might expect, they are sticky and adhere to your teeth, making this cookie's texture different from the thin-and-crisp mouthfeel of the others. I'd give this cookie an A- overall.

4. Snickerdoodle

Snickerdoodle cookies
Snickerdoodle cookies - Monika Sudakov/Daily Meal

Snickerdoodles are among my preferred cookies. Their distinctive sweet and tangy cinnamon-forward flavor, and tender yet crisp texture, make them a common addition to holiday festivities. Because of this, I was eager to dive into this offering from Tate's Bake Shop. These cookies (also available in Tiny Tate's iterations) were tasty, but not what I expected.

If the pillowy center of a classic Snickerdoodle is what you are anticipating, you might be a little disappointed. But that's just because this cookie retains the thin-and-crisp texture that Tate's is known for. The cookies are also quite sweet, perhaps more so than most Snickerdoodles I have baked or eaten. They have a marvelous cinnamon aroma and flavor that is warm and satisfying. As a cookie goes, this is tasty, but not necessarily 100% faithful to a classic Snickerdoodle recipe. I would still give these cookies an A grade and keep them on hand for a sweet treat.

3. Lemon

Lemon cookies
Lemon cookies - Monika Sudakov/Daily Meal

The Lemon variety is in third place on this ranking of Tate's Bake Shop cookie flavors. This simple yet elegant cookie is dynamite. The presence of lemon is evident from start to finish. Its aroma is redolent of lemon zest, rather than an oil or extract, giving it a subtle scent rather than a synthetic one. This is common with many lemon-flavored foods and something I dislike. The texture of this cookie is in keeping with the thin-and-crisp tradition, if not slightly crunchier.

The flavor is not overly sweet and has a pleasant lemony taste that lingers well after eating the cookie. My only minor criticism about this cookie is that it lacks a hint of tartness that I appreciate from lemon-flavored foods. While you do not want them to be too bitter or sour, that tang helps balance other flavors. That said, I still give this cookie a solid A grade.

2. Oatmeal Raisin

Oatmeal Raisin cookies
Oatmeal Raisin cookies - Monika Sudakov/Daily Meal

The placement of the Oatmeal Raisin-flavored cookie from Tate's Bake Shop in second place speaks to the quality of this sweet treat, as well as my fondness for it. There is something wholesome yet satisfying about chewy oatmeal cookies. Consuming one feels like splurging while eating something relatively nutritious, which is no small feat for a cookie.

This sweet treat delivers from top to bottom. It has a delightful cinnamon and raisin aroma that translates to the flavor without being overly sweet. While the cookie retains some elements of the thin-and-crisp texture that Tate's is known for, there is a welcome and expected chewiness to these cookies, thanks to the raisins. Lastly, while the oats are present, they are not dominant, allowing the spices and raisins to shine while contributing a hint of earthiness and a nutty aftertaste. This is a delightful cookie that gets a solid A+ grade from me.

1. Double Chocolate Chip

Double Chocolate Chip cookies
Double Chocolate Chip cookies - Monika Sudakov/Daily Meal

The Double Chocolate Chip variety tops my ranking of Tate's Bake Shop cookie flavors. I admit that I am a sucker for dark chocolate, and this cookie has layer upon layer of the sweet stuff strewn throughout, from the base of the cookie to the chips. The aroma of this cookie is rich with notes of cocoa powder. The flavor is equally luxurious and abundant in chocolate while also being complex.

This is not a sweet cookie despite the quantity of chocolate present. It is definitely on the bittersweet side, with emphasis on the bitter part. This is something I prefer in any sweet treat. Additionally, this is among the chewier of the cookies I sampled while still retaining a crisp exterior and slender appearance. Overall, this cookie delivers for dark chocolate lovers like myself. For this reason, it wins "best in show" and gets an enthusiastic A++ grade from me.


Assorted Tate's Bake Shop cookies
Assorted Tate's Bake Shop cookies - Monika Sudakov/Daily Meal

Tate's Bake Shop supplied some of the cookies sampled for this ranking. The rest were purchased by myself from local retailers. I attempted to obtain as many flavors as possible to provide a thorough assessment and balanced ranking.

The cookies were tasted in one sitting to ensure my judgment was not clouded, and I could go back to resample any I was unsure about. I assessed each based on aroma, texture, flavor, and overall execution. I was particularly attentive to how well-balanced the flavors were and how faithful these recipes were to classic iterations. Lastly, while my personal preferences factored into overall rankings, I attempted to be as unbiased as possible to allow for diverse tastes to be reflected in the final list.

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