'I tried the new Eufy robot vacuum and now my floors are squeaky clean every day'

eufy omni s1 pro robot vacuum review
Eufy Omni S1 Pro robot vac: an editor's reviewEufy

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As a pet owner, I'd come to accept that my floors would never look sparkly clean. Whether it's fur set deep into my living room rug or leftover cat food trodden into my hard floor, there was always a mess to be cleared up – that was until I tried a robot vacuum.

I'd heard about robot vacs but, truthfully, never understood the appeal. Why would I want a robot vac when I can vacuum myself (I have the ultra-lightweight Shark Detect Pro, which is a fantastic piece of kit).

But that was before I knew exactly what a robot vacuum actually did. Of course, some are smarter than others, but almost all robot vacs come with the ability to create floorplans of your home and automatic schedules. Coming home to clean floors after a long day at work? Yes, please.

Naturally, I was super excited when one of the UK's leading smart home technology brands, Eufy, asked if I'd like to try their brand-new Omni S1 Pro robot vacuum. Not only does this clever machine have all the usual robot vac functions, but it also washes floors and self-cleans in real time. The dream.

So, how did I get on trying this innovative piece of kit? Find out below.

Eufy Omni S1 Pro review: features at a glance

  • TurboWash roller mop – the S1 Pro comes with a 290mm roller mop which, at a speed of 170 RPM, mimics the action of human scrubbing.

  • Two water tanks – the device is equipped with two separate water tanks: one for a cleaning solution and sterilised water mix, and another for wastewater, which collects the dirty water squeezed out from the mop.

  • Integrated ozone generator – an incredibly smart feature, the robot vac uses tap water to create ozone which sanitises not only the floors but the vacuum's components.

  • Auto mop lift – the robot vac detects when it's near carpet and automatically lifts the mop up to ensure no wet fabric!

  • App control – the smart app allows for multi-floor mapping, spot cleaning, customised cleaning modes, no-go zones and, of course, scheduling.

Eufy Omni S1 Pro review: the pros

Ease of use

Upon opening the box and reading the manual, I was almost shocked at how smart this piece of kit sounded. Surely, then, it would be a nightmare to set up?

You'll be pleased to know that, as a robot vac novice, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to set my new Eufy up. It came with a large instruction card with quick and easy steps to follow.

After a simple download and setup of the app, the robot vac said goodbye to its dock and moved around the entirety of my downstairs to create a map of the floor area using its built-in laser technology.

It then took itself back to the dock when the map was complete (all while talking to you as it says: 'mapping complete, returning to dock,'). After filling up the dock with water and cleaning solution (included), my Eufy was ready to go.

LED screen

Something I particularly liked about the Omni S1 Pro when trying it for the first time was the screen – a feature that many of the lower-end robot vacuums don't have.

The S1 Pro has a decent-sized screen at the top of the docking station, meaning you can control it manually and see when it's in need of something (e.g. when the water tank needs emptying). A great feature for the tech dummies among us.

Safe to use around pets

I'll admit, I was a little apprehensive about using a robot vac around my two mischievous (and very fluffy) cats. We've all seen the videos of cats riding along on a robot vac – something I wanted to actively avoid...

Luckily for me, the S1 Pro uses its laser function to avoid any objects (or cats!) in front of it. That meant that any time the cats went near it, the vacuum swiftly moved away.

What's more, the Eufy Omni S1 Pro also uses a pet-safe cleaning solution (attached inside the base using a bottle) and sterilised water for mopping. As someone who tends to avoid using harsh chemicals in areas that the cats can walk on, I was super pleased about this feature.

Auto-emptying system

Perhaps one of my favourite things about robot vacuums is how little needs doing to keep them running – and this is especially the case with my Omni S1 Pro.

After completing its cleaning tasks, the robot docks at its station and automatically empties its dustbin, which can go up to 68 days before needing a bag change. It also disposes of wastewater and cleans its mopping pads using the built-in ozone generator.

To top it off, it even refills its water tank with the built-in cleaning solution to prepare itself for the next use. So smart I'm almost proud!


As a London commuter, I leave the house early in the morning and don't get home until late at night. When I arrive home to dirty floors, the last thing I want to do is clean them.

I set up my Eufy to vacuum once in the morning (after feeding time at the zoo is over) and to vacuum and mop once in the evening – and what a dream it's been to come home from work to sparkling clean floors.

Eufy Omni S1 Pro review: the cons


As expected with any robot vacuum, my Eufy struggled to get up close to the edge of rooms. After a few cleans, I still found odd bits of cat fluff hiding in corners or under units.

Because of this, I make sure to use a handheld vacuum at least once a week to clean up those pesky pieces of dirt that are just slightly out of reach with a robot vacuum.

Not quite as strong as human mopping

Eufy claims that the TurboWash roller mop mimics the act of human scrubbing – which it does to some extent.

I found the level of mopping similar to that of when I do a 'quick mop around the house', rather than the hands and knees scrubbing I sometimes have to do to remove bits of cat food engrained into the floor.

Noise levels

Robot vacuums are known to be on the noisier side, so I wasn't surprised when my Eufy made a rather loud suction noise when first starting up.

The vacuum does, however, become extra noisy when it returns to the base to collect dust and clean the mop. I had two startled cats the first time this happened, although we're all used to it now.


There's no denying that this robot vacuum cleaner is on the larger side compared to some robot vacs. I'll admit, I thought this might bother me but, with its smart, contemporary design, I'd go as far as saying it actually looks the part in my kitchen.

Eufy Omni S1 Pro review: the verdict

I've been using my Eufy Omni S1 Pro vacuum cleaner for over a month now and I'm still super impressed with it. It quite literally does all of the hard work for me, providing a fabulously clean finish on demand. An innovative piece of kit that's safe for pets and children, I can confirm that I'd never be without one now!

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