I Tried the Mask Drew Barrymore Uses for 'Expensive-Looking' Hair — and Wow, Did It Deliver

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My strands have never been shinier.

<p>Sephora/ InStyle</p>

Sephora/ InStyle

Admittedly, it was the shiny cerulean jar, the enticing name, and the promise of “super glossy, expensive-looking hair” that initially lured me to try Color Wow’s Money Masque. The product, created in collaboration with celebrity stylist Chris Appleton — whose clientele includes Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez — has also been used by the likes of Drew Barrymore in the past

As someone whose hair is perennially dull and frizzy, I have tried countless hair masks over my lifetime — and, frankly, few have made a discernible difference in shine or smoothness. The Money Masque, however, absolutely defied my expectations after a single use. Never has a hair mask so dramatically improved my hair’s luster.



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Color Wow Money Masque is a shine-enhancing, frizz-smoothing hair treatment formulated for all textures and types. Designed for at-home, in-shower application, it delivers glossy results you’d expect from a salon appointment in a single five-minute use. Hair appears significantly shinier, smoother, and sleeker, and takes on a noticeable light-reflecting sheen.

Like other hair masks, Money Masque’s consistency is significantly richer than that of your average conditioner. It does, however, differ in its uniquely slippery, gel-like texture — which, per the brand, is because the formula is devoid of “heavy, greasy waxes or emollients.” The mask rinses cleanly — sans weighty, hair-dulling residue — and allows for voluminous styles thanks to its lightweight, breezy finish. The scent is equally breezy and has a fresh, aquatic flair. Though this makes for a wonderful sensorial experience, I’d use Money even if it smelled like literal garbage. It’s the shine-factor that keeps me coming back for more. After a single use, it delivers a glassy, mirrorlike shine, rendering my dry, dull tresses remarkably radiant. 

This radiance is thanks in part to marine extracts, which hydrate dry strands for a smoother overall finish. Intended for use once a week, or once every three shampoos, the product is not a daily treatment. That said, the shine factor lasts for a few days post-use. And since it’s sulfate- and paraben-free, the formula is safe for color- and keratin-treated hair.

Shoppers are equally impressed with the product. “I have thick naturally curly hair,” says one shopper, “when I use this my hair is soft, silky, shiny and easily straightened…I highly recommend!” Another, who calls their hair “very fine and thin,” in addition to breakage-prone due to menopausal changes, says the masque is “definitely what my hair needed,” adding that it did not weigh their hair down.

For glossy, shiny strands a celebrity stylist would approve of, shop the incredibly effective Money Masque at Amazon for $45. It’s become an absolute staple in my haircare routine. 

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