I Tried Serena Williams' WYN Beauty—Here Are My Honest Thoughts

wyn beauty makeup review
Serena Williams' WYN Beauty: An Honest ReviewHearst Owned

Serena Williams is known for being the GOAT on the tennis court, but that's never stopped her from exploring opportunities outside her sport. The athlete, mother of two, and business woman has officially launched WYN Beauty, a makeup line formulated with clean, high-performing ingredients that you can move in.

Just one look at the matte, tennis-inspired packaging, and it becomes clear that Serena is passionate about storytelling through the products in every way possible.

Whether or not WYN would get a lot of buzz was a no-brainer, but I wanted to know just how well they would hold up when put to the test. Luckily, I had the chance to try three products from the brand including, Featuring You (an SPF 30 skin tint), MVP: Most Versatile Pigment (a lip and cheek tint), and No Words Needed (a lip serum) to find out.

Featuring You comes in 36 shades, so I was curious to know how well my shade, Drive, would match my skin tone. Meanwhile, MVP comes in eight shades and is said to be safe for sensitive skin—a major green flag for me. No Words Needed contains ingredients like wild mango butter and jojoba oil to firm and smooth lips, which seemed right up my alley. There are a lot of celebrity beauty brands out there, but (spoiler alert) this one was a standout for me.

How I used WYN Beauty

I started by prepping my skin with my favorite moisturizer. From there, I pumped a bit of Featuring You on to the back of my hand and applied it all over my face with a damp beauty blender. To set it, I used my favorite mattifying powder.

Normally, I apply cream blush with my fingers, but because MVP is so pigmented, I decided to use a beauty blender for this as well. I dabbed three dots of MVP in the shade Arrive on the outer parts of my cheekbones and worked it in moving inwards towards the apples of my cheeks and up my temples. I also added a very small amount to the bridge of my nose to create a sunkissed look.

For my lips, I started by applying No Words Needed to prep before layering MVP on top, using my fingers to blend it out.

What I thought of each WYN product

I was genuinely surprised by how well Featuring You matched my skin tone. It's marketed as a lightweight formula, and that definitely holds true. It was easy to blend, and it didn't leave any streaks on my face. It left me with a really lovely glow, and knowing that I was also benefiting from the SPF 30, made it that much better.

Initially, I was nervous to try MVP because I thought it wouldn't be the right match for my skin tone, but once I blended it out, I was shocked by how stunning the color was. It ended up being perfect for the look I was going for. If I had used a different shade (like Soar, which is what I would typically reach for), maybe I would have applied the product more liberally. Generally speaking though, a little goes a long way. And considering how well the product blended out when used as a cheek tint, it was no surprise when it worked just as well as a lip tint. When it comes down to it, MVP lives up to its name.

No Words Needed is extremely lightweight to the point where it almost felt like a lip oil rather than a serum. It also has a really nice smell to it, and the application process is straightforward. I struggle with dry lips during cooler months, so I usually need a thicker formula that can soothe any cracking or peeling. That said, I would probably use this in the summer when I'm not dealing with those symptoms as often.

The bottom line: Is WYN Beauty worth it?

This is an easy yes for me. I'm a big fan of products that serve more than one purpose. Having a skin enhancing tint that's also an SPF or a cheek tint that can be used on the lips are great options for anyone who has an active lifestyle. The lip serum also offers 72 hours of moisture, which is a huge plus.

All of these products require minimal effort to apply, which makes doing makeup on-the-go a breeze. If you're looking for beauty buys for under $30 that won't feel heavy on your skin (especially in the spring and summer), these might be for you. Overall, these products confirm that Serena can win on and off the court.

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