Try Martha Stewart’s Genius Hack to Get a Stuck Lid off a Jar Without Hurting Your Hands

Why didn't we think of that?

Have you ever reached for an important ingredient only to come face to face with a stuck lid? Martha Stewart has a tip for that. The cooking and lifestyle icon's TikTok shares her trick for opening stubborn lids in video that now has over 600 thousand views.

“Ever try to open a jar, and you just can’t get enough strength out of your hands? This store-bought opener will not work,” she says, demonstrating. “You could use a couple rubber bands. How great! Three fat rubber bands, they’ll really give you that grip you need to open a stubborn jar lid.”

<p>Michael Loccisano/Getty Images</p>

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

And she’s right. The stuck lid pops off with seemingly little effort. It’s a simple tip that many people can use, and commenters love it.

“Finally, a use for those rubber bands in the junk drawer!” said one commenter. “My great-grandmother did this, and I forgot about it!” said another.

But some offered their own tips for opening jars. “I’ve always gotten a butter knife to pop the seal. Works every time,” said one commenter. Others recommended using a silicone oven mitt or slightly tapping the top of the jar on the counter. But, use caution with the last tip. The last thing you want is a broken jar.

Looking for more handy hints? TikTok is full of them, like this super fast way to peel carrots and this hard-boiled egg cutting hack.

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