Uh, Shakira's Toned Abs Are Next-Level In A Bra In These New IG Photos

Uh, Shakira's Toned Abs Are Next-Level In A Bra In These New IG Photos
  • Shakira knows a thing or two about creating a total fashion ~moment~ that has everyone's jaws on the floor.

  • The singer just dropped some new photos of herself that were taken during a shoot in an elevator, and it was hard to miss how epically toned her abs were in the bra and deep-V dress combo she had on.

  • Shakira is all about making her daily movement fun, and she has recently been very into wakeboarding.

There’s something about a chic background that just begs for an impromptu photo shoot. And that's exactly what Shakira decided to do when she found a mirrored elevator. The singer wasted no time channeling her inner supermodel for a lot of new photos.

Yup, the 46-year-old star just dropped a ton of pics of herself on Instagram modeling a belted Fendi minidress over a bra top and it is totally *chef’s kiss*. Shakira accessorized the look with her epically toned abs and sculpted legs.

“Elevator snapshots,” she wrote in the caption. Cue her fans completely losing it in the comments. “THE QUEEN 👑,” wrote one, while another said, “This woman is on fire. 🔥”

Shakira has been all about the abs lately. There was this outfit:

And this look, too:

So, how’d she get those super strong abs and legs? Well, the Grammy Award winner is into all kinds of fitness activities. And recently, she appears to have picked up some fun wakeboarding skills. Last month, she shared a video of herself wakeboarding like a pro, noting that she was working on new tricks. BTW, this sport is a serious core and quad burner.

But she also shared a video of herself cruising over the waves like a champ just before that:

And also crushing it out in the water about a month before that:

When she's not wakeboarding, Shakira focuses on fun, cardio-dance workouts. She has worked with trainer Anna Kaiser for years, and Kaiser told Vogue that the two did 90-minute, dance-based workouts leading up to Shakira’s Super Bowl halftime show with Jennifer Lopez. “The focus of this workout is cardio endurance," Kaiser said. "I want her to push through with few breaks for the entire 90 minutes."

Shakira, who has been a belly dancer since she was a kid, tends to add her own movements, too. "Even though it's super intense, she's still having fun,” Kaiser said.

She also mixes up her workouts depending on what’s happening in her work life since, ya know, she’s an incredibly high-energy performer. “Yesterday she had a really long dance rehearsal in the afternoon, so we just focused on an hour of pure strength in the morning,” Kaiser told E! News. That can mean doing things like HIIT workouts or swimming, she said.

Shakira is a healthy eater, and she’s all about moderation. “She’s good about it in general, but she will treat herself,” Kaiser told E!. “Balance is really important. Having those moments where you’re allowed to cheat every once in a while is also very important.”

Shakira isn’t into taking supplements, Kaiser told Shape, so all of her food has to be fresh. “Breakfast could be eggs or avocado with olive oil, tomato, sea salt, then a smoothie, berries, plant protein, sometimes greens or green powder,” Kaiser said.

The rest of her day is equally full of nutritious ingredients that keep Shakira strong and healthy. “For lunch, we have fish and fresh vegetables or a salad with lots of colors. Afternoon is, I know it gets really busy, but we’ll do a soup," Kaiser added. "There are some really good artichoke soups, or it could be a leek and eggplant soup, carrot ginger, and sometimes with a side of cucumbers with lemon and salt. For dinner, she’ll also do fish and veggies. It’s usually cold for lunch and warm for dinner.”

Anyone else getting hungry? Go, Shakira!

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