Um, Heidi Klum Has Toned AF Legs Wearing Only Undies And A Bathrobe On IG

Um, Heidi Klum Has Toned AF Legs Wearing Only Undies And A Bathrobe On IG

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  • Heidi Klum just showed off her strong legs and a peek of abs in a new IG photo from Las Vegas.

  • The supermodel, 49, posed by a window while wearing only underwear and a bathrobe.

  • When it comes to exercise, Heidi likes to hit up the gym for some treadmill work and she also enjoys walking her dogs.

When you’re a big deal like Heidi Klum, you travel everywhere. Well, Heidi just spent some time in Vegas, and she took a beat to document the experience.

The 49-year-old supermodel casually dropped a photo of herself in a hotel room overlooking the Strip, and it’s so Vegas. Heidi paired a robe and towel in her hair with cool-girl sunglasses, thigh-high boots, and nude underwear. She looks super strong—her legs are toned, and you can clearly see a hint of a six-pack—while managing to appear totally casual about it.

“Hump😈Day. Viva Las Vegas 🥳🚀,” she wrote in the caption.

Heidi hasn’t shared a ton about her fitness routines lately, but she has dropped little snippets of what she’s doing. Most recently, she shared a trailer for Germany’s Next Top Model where she can be seen spinning, jumping, and constantly moving, all while Pink’s “Never Gonna Not Dance Again" plays in the background.

Speaking of dancing… Heidi went all in during rehearsals for the music video for her song with Snoop Dogg, “Chai Tea with Heidi.” In a behind-the-scenes snippet, Heidi jumps around a bunch before diving into the choreography—all with a huge smile on her face. Dancing is a great way to get your heart rate up and work on your cardio fitness (while having fun, of course!).

Heidi just stays super active in her daily life. She has two massive dogs, and she regularly shares photos on Instagram of herself posing with them, including this impressive shot where she took both on a walk at once. That’ll give your arms and booty a serious workout, while also helping get your steps in.

BTW, Heidi also skis. She shared several photos on Instagram in early January of herself hitting the slopes with her husband and a pal. (In case you've never tried it, the sport is a serious butt- and thigh-burner.)

Naturally, Heidi spends time in the gym as well. She previously told People that she likes to put on ankle weights when she’s on the treadmill. Then, she’ll do butt lifts to target her inner thighs.“It’s always good to keep the muscles underneath working so that it is nice and toned,” she shared. “Toned is good.” Heidi has also said that she runs “a little bit.”

On the food front, the supermodel aims to eat healthy on the regular. She told Women's Health UK that breakfast might be an egg-white omelet with green pepper, spring onion, spinach, and parsley, while lunch is usually chicken, turkey, or tuna with veggies and grains.

"My thirties is when I started to take care more of my body in terms of changing my eating habits, eating much healthier, leaner," Heidi told People. "Obviously I still have burgers and fries and all of that stuff, but not as much as I did in my twenties.”

Hope you enjoyed Vegas, Heidi!

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