Um, MAFS Australia’s Ben just revealed the list he wrote about Ellie

Um, MAFS Australia’s Ben just revealed the list he wrote about Ellie

Married At First Sigh Australia is in full swing and one groom that has caused a lot of controversy this season is Ben Walters. Now, he has revealed the list he wrote about his ex-wife, Ellie Dix.

The Australian reality series, like the British one, sees expertly-matched couples meet for the first time on their wedding day and this season has answered our TV prayers with arguments, cheating scandals, wife swaps and more to keep up with.

Despite Ben and Ellie leaving the experiment weeks ago, we now know what he wrote in that fateful list about his ex-wife that led to their breakup. Get ready for some super hot tea to be spilled, Married At First Sight fans!

What did MAFS Australia's Ben write about Ellie?

To jog your memory, Ben and Ellie met at the altar but failed to make things work during the experiment, and the final straw for the bride was a list he wrote about her and what wasn't working in their relationship.

At the time, she said it made her feel like he was "just nit-picking" at her and while she had a "glimmer of hope" for their relationship, the list made her then "felt cheated" by him and like he’d "wasted her time" on the experiment.

Now, in an interview with Yahoo Australia, he revealed his reasoning behind why he created the list and what he actually wrote. "I have very high levels of ADHD, I get bloody distracted all the time," he said.

"That's why I wrote things down, it wasn't to nit-pick but I can see why it was interpreted that way. So, the list, we did it both ways because talking to Ellie, I was like 'what are my imperfections? What can I improve on? What can I be mindful of?'" he continued.

He added that he "words things rather bluntly", with the list including bullet points about her "spending hours doing makeup" and "vaping", which he added was manageable.

mafs australia ben ellie list
Ben Walters

He added that the list was for him to work out how he could "do better" in their relationship, not to hurt Ellie. That's that, then!

Married At First Sight Australia continues on E4.

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