Snooki opens up about how she keeps the spark alive in her marriage: 'We have our own smush room'

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi rose to fame as an unapologetic party girl on Jersey Shore, but since her reality TV debut in 2009, she's added a few more titles to her résumé. The self-described "messy mawma" (peep her wine brand) is also one of the hosts of MTV's clip show Messyness, in which she and her co-hosts discuss the wildest party scenes on the internet.
At one point, some may have thought that the 34-year-old could have made it onto the show herself. But now she's more focused on family life — a fact that surprises her, given that she didn't think motherhood would come naturally to her.
"I was scared to hold a baby," she tells Yahoo Life. "I didn't know how to, like, take care of a toddler. I got nervous. So that made me think, 'I'm going to be a crappy mom when it's time to have kids.' So that was really scary for me. Like, I was excited to be a mom, but I was like, 'I don't even know how I'll hold it. Like, what do I do? I can't even talk to a kid, because what do I say?' Just, like, all those uncomfortable feelings. And then once I became a mom, it was just like, I'm a supermom."
Still, Snooki has found a way to achieve balance.
"I enjoy my wine, and I still have me time, but I'm still a great mother and I take care of my kids," she says.
Becoming a supermom also included changing her style. Instead of the skin-tight dresses and high heels she once wore to the clubs on the Jersey Shore, she now (mostly) sports slip-on sneakers — at least, until a night out. For her, dressing sexy is more about feeling "cozy."