Unemployed woman’s warning video to workers who ‘hate’ their jobs goes viral: ‘You don’t want to be here’

An unemployed woman’s video to people who currently “hate” their jobs right now has gone viral.

In a recent video posted to TikTok, Scarlett, @drscarlettsmash, encouraged her viewers not to leave their jobs, if they’re thinking of doing so. She also opened up about her challenging experience with the job market, as she’s in the midst of looking for work.

“100 per cent please do not quit your job. You don’t want to be here,” she said, referring to her job search. “I am not joking when I’m trying to say I’m doing everything I possibly can. I’m on Indeed non-stop, and it’s just dry. There aren’t any jobs that are being posted. Not a single posting in my field was posted today.”

She further explained how hard she’s been working to find a job, while financially providing for herself.

“So these older generations, don’t get at me because I’m telling you, I’m hustling,” Scarlett continued. “I’m doing whatever I possibly can to make enough money for my mortgage.”

Scarlett further empahsised how bad the job market appears to be, adding: “There’s so many people out here right now that are jobless.”

The podcast host concluded her video by once again encouraging people to stay at their jobs, regardless of how they feel about it.

“Stay where you’re at. I know you hate it,” she said. “But baby, you don’t want to be here.”

As of 3 February, the vidoe has more than 271,300 views, with TikTok users in the comments noting that they wouldn’t quit their jobs without a good reason.

“Who quits a job without having another offer in hand??” one wrote.

“This has always been true,” another added. “Never leave a job unless you have another one.”

Some people addressed their current job search, while others acknowledged the stress that they’ve experienced at their positions.


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“I got two recruiter requests today and I would rather work at McDonalds and be happy than staying in a job that I hate,” one wrote.

“I am in healthcare and they are calling me every single day,” another added. “I’m not joking.”

However, other people claimed that they’ve seen multiple job postings on sites like LinkedIn and that the lack of jobs depends on the field that workers are in.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 517,000 jobs were added to the market in January, resulting in “widespread” job growth in the “leisure and hospitality, professional and business services, and health care” fields. The employment rate has also slightly decreased, as it went from 3.5 per cent in December to 3.4 percent in January.

However, this isn’t to say that other fields aren’t facing some major layoffs. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, there have been multiple layoffs in the tech field, as they are occurring faster than they ever did during the pandemic.

According to data from Layoffs.fyi, posted by the publication, 51,489 employees were laid off in November 2022. This is a number that’s nearly doubled when compared to April 2020, when 26,7100 employees were let go.

More specifically, Google announced earlier this month that it would be laying off more than 500,000 workers, while Amazon also announced that it will be letting go of more than 18,000 employees.

The Indepedent has contacted Scarlett for comment.