University of Minnesota grad accidentally gets added to a sorority group chat and makes several new friends: ‘Green flag friend group!!!’

What’s the proper protocol when you’re accidentally added to a group chat with a group of complete strangers? You attempt to play along, then come clean and befriend all of them, obviously.

Lydia Clinton (@lyderature), a 2020 graduate from the University of Minnesota, found herself in an unusual and unforeseen situation when she was put into a group chat with what she learns is a full-on sorority, Pi Beta Phi, to be exact, commonly known as Pi Phi.

After a few of the girls asked for other group members to share their social media handles, Clinton, who is 25, finally caves and does what is asked of her.

“There’s a couple more moments of chit chat, some goofing around from the gals, and then I take my chance,” she said on Sept. 21. “But unbeknownst to me, my name is Haley. And immediately, there’s confusion.”

Molly, Clinton explained, “clocks me immediately,” and it was at this point she decided to “come clean” to the rest of the group, despite being worried about their reactions.

“I just say, ‘Pi Phi gals, I hate to say it, but I have no idea why I’m in this. My name is Lydia Clinton.’ Like, not even close to Haley T,” she said. “Charlotte’s got my back right from the jump. She’s sending a heart, she’s saying ‘LMAO,’ but I’m glad these girls thought it was funny ’cause I was scared.”

The interaction gets even sweeter, with Charlotte even urging Clinton to return to school for another degree so she can join their sorority for real.

“And I’m like, ‘All right, what school is this? Y’all got great vibes.’ And that’s when I find out they also went to the University of Minnesota, and I get to say, ‘OMG, I went there.’ So we really are sisters now,” she said. “And to all you gals who rushed and wanted to get in Pi Phi and didn’t get a bid, I hate to say it: Jocelyn gave me one, and I didn’t even rush.”

After “the real Haley” is added to the chat, Clinton assumes her time in the chat is dwindling, so she decides to send her “goodbye message,” which gets 24 likes.

“I’m feeling on cloud nine. And then Tessa’s inviting me to the Monday night meeting and Darian’s asking for me to stay. And then Camille, she flips the script and says, ‘Lydia I meant to add you. You were meant to be here,'” Clinton added.

Clinton then remembers that she plans to be at the University of Minnesota football game on Nov. 4 and playfully asks what the “girlies” are up to that weekend.

“And Josie said, ‘Lydia meet and greet,’ which absolutely killed me… Camille said I seriously belong here. Like, how inclusive, how welcoming. I’m not even kidding. These girls have great vibes,” she said. “Eliana calls me lovely. I’m like, ‘Wow. I love y’all. Follow my Insta.’ And I will become friends with these gals on November 4th.”

Added Clinton, “And then I checked out who followed my Insta, let them know that I would take a bullet for them. So shout out to my new Pi Phi besties.”

As of this reporting, Clinton’s video has more than 1.4 million views, 191,300 likes and 2,020 comments. Clinton’s comment section, similar to the vibe of the Pi Phi group chat, is filled with tons of support.

“This is like healing!??? Super kind & welcoming sorority girls?? (I didn’t go to a Greek life school so don’t drag me),” @marshalllouise1 wrote in response to the now-viral video.

“They kept you like a stray puppy and I’m here for it,” @corrinaswiggum commented, to which Clinton replied, “So true, I’m their dawg.”

“Green flag friend group!!!” added @nawnz92.

In the last four months, Greek culture and sorority recruitment in particular has been thrown into the spotlight with the release of Max’s highly-anticipated documentary “Bama Rush,” which chronicles the lives of four students as they prepare to rush at the University of Alabama in 2022.

Ahead of the documentary’s release, University of Alabama student Miranda Nickoles spoke to In The Know about how her first two years of college had a negative effect on her mental health. Nickoles also claimed she was dropped by every sorority except Sigma Kappa on the first day.

Clinton’s wholesome interaction with several Pi Phi sorority members, however, feels thematically in line with the embrace of girlhood that circulated online this summer, following the release of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie. TikTok user @taeyari even noted that the group chat was giving “Hi, Barbie!” energy.

Women have continued to take to TikTok to recount recent, sweet interactions they’ve had with other women, most of whom they don’t even know personally. Whether it’s by creating a personalized travel guide, complimenting one another’s outfits, helping someone lace up their dress or even befriending sorority girls in the most unlikely of ways, these sincere interactions, many female-identifying creators believe, show girlhood at its finest.

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