How Madrid-Based Jewelry Line Unode50 Plans to Bring in Younger Customers

Unode50 wants to expand its customer base and reach younger shoppers.

The Madrid-based jewelry label is rebranding, rolling out a new logo, new products and new marketing focusing on increasing the brand’s digital footprint. The company’s mission is to expand Unode50’s customer base to Gen Z and Millennial customers.

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“Today in such a confusing ecosystem of so much competition, we need to find the way to stand out and to really tell our customers again who we are as a brand, not just about our products, but how can we connect our values and our personality with our community,” said Brigitte Boehm, global chief marketing and commercial officer at Unode50.

“We realized that we were not connecting emotionally enough with the younger audience. We realized that our consumers were over 35 or over 40 and we thought we need to find a way to connect with those consumers that are really looking for a trusted brand, a brand that has a personality and a brand that has clear values,” she said.

UNOde50 jewelry ad campaign with silver chains
Unode50’s new marketing campaign.

In the brand’s marketing, Unode50 is leaning into its values of “authenticity, naturality and freedom,” said Boehm, by employing more diverse models for advertising campaigns. The campaigns will have little to no retouching and will be shot against natural landscapes, according to the brand.

Unode50 has also released a new orange logo with wavy print, replacing its former black logo in a more structured font.

“We decided not to cut our target on gender, social economics or age,” Boehm said. “We said we are going to cut on attitude. [The brand is] an attitude of being brave, following your instincts and making sure that you listen to yourself — especially for Gen Z, not listening too much to social media. Listen to yourself what you want as a person and what you want to follow.”

Unode50 soft-launched the rebranding in its stores in Spain and on its website last month, and will roll out the strategy to its other international stores in the next 12 to 18 months. Overall, the brand has 97 stores internationally and has plans to open more this year.

UNOde50 rebrands to target younger customer
Unode50’s new marketing campaign.

On the product side, Unode50 will release an expanded jewelry collection by June 2025 that offers a wider price range with more entry-level prices to continue targeting a younger customer.

The new collections will offer silver and gold pieces, colorful gemstones and charm necklaces and bracelets, among other styles. The brand will also offer more customizable jewelry where customers can choose their metal type and charms, and launch products in rose gold.

Unode50’s rebranding comes after the company filed for bankruptcy in the U.S. in 2021. At the time, the brand operated 105 stores globally with 22 in the U.S.; however, many of those stores were in undesirable locations, and bankruptcy allowed the company to exit those leases.

The brand, still under the ownership of ARS REI USA in the U.S., has been on a growth path since it exited bankruptcy, reopening stores in locations like New York City; Dallas; Aventura, Fla.; Charlotte, N.C.; Sunrise, Fla., and others.

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