The Valentine's Day Candy You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Valentine's Day candies and zodiacs
Valentine's Day candies and zodiacs - Static Media / Getty

It's that time of year, again — the time we all love to hate: Valentine's Day. But, whether you're coupled up or not, there are a few things about this holiday that everyone can take part in. You can take yourself out on a date, for one, or spoil your pet with affection and treats. There's also the "Galentines" or "Palentines" Day route, and you can spend some time with your platonic friends instead. Or, if you're like me, who comes finding yourself miraculously, and, albeit, unexpectedly single this year, you can choose to shun the entire holiday completely, writing it off as a capitalist hoax. But don't let my negativity rub off on you. Or do. Either way, you can still partake in the Valentine's Day candy.

Along with the kisses and hugs, the X's and O's, and all the other public displays of affection Valentine's Day encourages, there's one thing we've all gotten every year since we were kids: cards and, more importantly, candies. From the sweethearts to the Hershey's chocolate kisses, and from the seasonal M&M's to the heart-shaped Reese's cups, at the end of the day, it didn't matter so much that your 1st-grade crush didn't ask to be your Valentine, because, either way, you were going home with something sweet. So, this year, know that no matter what, your Valentine's Day candy will be there, and, unlike your crush, you and it will actually be compatible — astrologically, at least.

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Valentine conversation heart candies
Valentine conversation heart candies - Robert Hale/Shutterstock

Confident, independent, ambitious, and often impatient and impulsive, there are many ways to describe Aries — but competitive is the most common. Not only do these signs have to be the first sign of the zodiac, but they have to be first in every other aspect of their lives as well. Born between March 21st and April 20th, these signs are incredibly warm, caring people. That is until you have to compete with them. So, rather than go on a date to say, play mini golf, bowl, or any other situation where a winner and a loser are involved this Valentine's Day, you're better off staying in, watching romantic comedies, and eating this sign's Valentine's Day candy: conversation hearts.

Better known as Sweethearts, conversation heart candies are just one of the beloved emblems of the beloved day that is Valentine's Day — and Aries will be happy to know that they are, in fact, the most popular, according to Candy Store. It comes as no surprise, really. The tiny, sweet hearts come in corresponding colors and flavors of lemon-lime, banana, cherry, grape, orange, blueberry, and wintergreen. But, what makes them so iconic are the messages printed across each one. From phrases like "I love you," to "XOXO" and "Me + you" to "Text me," each of these candies has the potential to express to your Valentine exactly how you feel, which for an Aries, can sometimes be hard. Fortunately, when it comes to true love, there's no competition.


hand holding Hershey's kiss
hand holding Hershey's kiss - ShutterstockProfessional/Shutterstock

Born between April 21st and May 21st, Tauruses are the first Earth signs of the zodiac calendar — and it shows. Often thought of as laidback, and even lazy, this sign's slow and steady nature is all too commonly misconstrued. Sure, they might be stubborn, and maybe a little self-indulgent at times, but the truth is that those characteristics also go hand in hand with what makes these signs such lovely partners and friends. Tauruses are loyal, patient, sensual, gentle, dependable, and reliable people. In so, they value the same in return. These signs appreciate routine and consistency above all, which is why, if the Taurus were any of the Valentine's Day candies, they'd be the Valentine's Day Hershey's Kisses.

Phew candies are as universally loved as the Hershey's Kiss, which is why, without fail, you'll find them passed out every single Valentine's Day. Wrapped in their seasonal red, silver, and pink foil, and with their own conversations printed on the bottom of them, Hershey's Kisses don't just look the part, they also taste the part. Few things translate love like chocolate does, but Hershey's Kisses do so in true Taurus nature. These little chocolates are smooth and creamy, and they taste as indulgent and decadent as these signs like. However, unlike other Valentine's Day candies — I'm talking about you, Sweethearts — Hershey's Kisses don't sell out.


sour patch kids in heart bowl
sour patch kids in heart bowl - VIS Fine Art/Shutterstock

Geminis have a bit of a reputation in the zodiac community; unfortunately for them, it's not great. You see, Geminis are represented by twins, which is sometimes symbolized by an image of two masks. So, you can probably guess why the running rumor seems to be that these signs are two-faced — even though the truth is that these signs are just incredibly talented, social, and curious. Due to their long lists of hobbies, friend groups, and jobs, these signs tend to have packed social calendars, which means they're often hopping from one time commitment to another. Where the twins come in is in the idea that, for these signs to be everywhere and do everything, they'd need a clone.

There is a bit of truth to the matter, however. Like any zodiac sign, Geminis have a side to them that's not so sweet. While youthful, versatile, and fast-moving, Geminis can easily turn immature, erratic, and superficial. This is why, if they were any Valentine's Day candy, they'd be Sour Patch hearts — AKA the Valentine's Day version of the classic Sour Patch Kids. Like this sign's Starbucks beverage, the Sour Patch heart candies start sour and turn sweet. Like Geminis, the candy commercials show Sour Patch kids acting erratically, doing annoying things like cutting someone's hair or setting off an alarm clock while someone's sleeping, just for laughs. Then, like a Gemini, they surprise you and are sweet.


colorful gummy bears
colorful gummy bears - Milanfoto/Getty Images

Cancers are the human embodiment of the saying "ride or die" — but it's not given to just anybody. Like the crabs that represent them, Cancers put off a hard front. Much of the characteristics that they're most known for — such as their compassion, empathy, loyalty, thoughtfulness, and graciousness — are hidden behind an emotional wall. These signs have a fear of having their kindness taken for weakness, and they don't trust many. Cancers need time to let their guard down. When they do, though, don't be surprised to find that the Cancer, which initially came off so cold and distant, is really just a big softy. For that reason, if the Cancer were any Valentine's Day candy, they'd be the Haribo gummy hearts.

When made in the form of hearts, what was considered a cheap reward for a missing $4.8 million check, makes a perfect Valentine's Day treat — especially for Cancers. Loyal, nostalgic, nurturing, and cozy, Cancers are the teddy bears of the zodiac. Just with even bigger hearts. Haribo's Valentine's Day gummies are just as squishy and tasty as the brand's iconic bears, just in the shape of a heart — which, of course, is indicative of this sign's loving nature. Plus, with flavors of pineapple and raspberry, that perfect balance of sour and sweet is reminiscent of getting to know these signs. But, considering Cancers are homebodies, it's best to grab them a few bags along with some cozy blankets for a Valentine's date night in.


different colored M&M's
different colored M&M's - Ekaterina79/Getty Images

Represented by the sun, it's probably no surprise that Leos have been guilty of assuming the world revolves around them. These signs are vivacious, popular, and glamorous. They're all about living life to the fullest — and, should a Leo happen to be your Valentine this year, you shouldn't expect anything less than the best. Nice dinners, expensive champagne, romantic settings, and over-the-top excursions are all up the Leo's alley, and you can be sure they'll be posting it all on their Instagram stories for the world to see afterward. It's true, Leo's can come off as braggy, and even attention-seeking. But, what surprises many people about these signs, is that they're equally as excited to share what they have with others, as well as celebrate their wins — as long as it's done in style, that is.

All that being said, this sign's Valentine's Day candy isn't anything fancy, but it does have a way of elevating even the most bland of experiences — and that's the seasonal M&M's. Think about the way that M&M's are added to trail mix, for example, or served in bowls in waiting rooms. M&M's are perfect for any occasion, and, whether you grab one or a handful, that little hit of chocolate makes any situation feel like that much more of an experience. The same can be said about hanging out with a Leo — although they're sure to suggest their zodiac's classic wine and cheese pairing to go along with them.


pink Kit Kat candy
pink Kit Kat candy - Cegli/Shutterstock

If there's one thing Virgos are known for it's being perfectionists. These signs love clean lines and order — it's the reason why, despite how critical they can be, they're also somehow incredibly productive. Organization is everything to these signs. Even if their rooms get messy from time to time, you can bet that they have a time scheduled in their calendars to get everything cleaned up and put away — and it's right there next to the Google calendar invite they set for their Galentine's Day brunch reservation, along with the tab of the Excel doc they created for their next trip and the other of their daily to-do list. Knowing that these signs are so type A, it's likely they've already got the Valentine's Day plans covered, and you and everyone else involved are probably better off leaving it to them. Still, this sign's Valentine's Day candy will satisfy their need for organization: the seasonal strawberry, dark chocolate Kit Kat flavor.

Chocolate-covered strawberries are an iconic Valentine's Day snack, but they're a little bit messy for these signs. Fortunately, for the Virgo, Kit Kat created a solution — it's Valentine's Day, strawberry, and dark chocolate flavored Kit Kat. The crisp wafers, layered between strawberry-flavored creme and rich dark chocolate are a romantic take on a classic. Just don't you dare bite into them before snapping the pieces apart, at least not in front of a Virgo.


peanut butter cups
peanut butter cups - Garrett Aitken/Getty Images

There's a reason why the Libra is represented by a scale, and it's because they're obsessed with balance and symmetry. In fact, as the aesthetes of the zodiac, Libras are known to make talented art collectors, decorators, and stylists. But, it's not only about looks for these signs. Libras seek out balance in every aspect of their lives. From work and pleasure to health and hobbies, these signs thrive when everything is working in equilibrium. However, where this becomes the most prominent is in their relationships. Libras find balance in companionship, and they want nothing less than an equal when seeking a romantic partner. For that reason, this sign's Valentine's Day candy is one that features two ingredients that complement one another perfectly: peanut butter and chocolate. If that didn't give it away already, that'd make the Libra's Valentine's Day candy a Reecee's cup.

Few foods satisfy the Libra's love for balance like the iconic Reeces cup. Striking the perfect ratio of peanut butter to milk chocolate, these candies exemplify true partnership. Neither flavor overpowers the other, it's actually quite the contrary. The sweet chocolate brings out the saltiness of the peanut butter, and vice versa. What's best is, with your choice of Reece's hearts or mini blossoms, these signs — who are notoriously indecisive — don't have to worry, because each contains that perfect duo. But, if you're asking me, I'd go with both. It is Valentine's Day, after all.


heart shaped box of chocolates
heart shaped box of chocolates - Willselarep/Getty Images

Scorpios are another zodiac sign that has a bit of a reputation — only they tend to get more of a mixed review. That can mostly be attributed to the fact that you truly never know what you're going to get with these signs. Often confused for fire signs, Scorpios are passionate and intense, and their moods can go from one end of the spectrum to the other. At their best, Scorpios are enticing and ambitious. At their worst, however, these signs are fueled by a relentless desire for control. The thing is, though, they rarely ever show their cards. These signs are obsessed with power and they maintain it with their mystery. Knowing that, it only makes sense that their Valentine's Day candy delivers a bit of mystery, too. That's why, if the Scorpio were any Valentine's Day candy, they'd be boxed chocolates.

Forrest Gump said it himself, "Life's like a box of chocolate, you never know what you're going to get." The same thing applies to Scorpios, too. No matter what Valentine's Day boxed chocolates you get, you never know exactly what flavor they'll be until you bite into them. Similarly, you never really know what mood a Scorpio is in — or even what they're thinking — most of the time. From raspberry to mocha creme, and from caramel to orange, just like a Scorpio, you're always in for a surprise. The only thing is, you never know if it's a good type of surprise or a bad one.


box of fun dip
box of fun dip - @fundipcandyofficial / Instagram

Spontaneous, optimistic, independent, and honest, Sagittariuses are true free spirits — and they despise all modes of constraint, including set schedules, rules, and/or regulations. Known as the adventurers of the zodiac, these fire signs live life on their terms. But, while rebellious and unfiltered, they can also be surprisingly philosophical. These signs see everything as a learning experience, and they prefer to think rather than feel. It can be frustrating, in a way, but also refreshing. A Sagittarius can get under your skin one second and make you laugh the other, and their fun-loving, bouncy nature makes them impossible to stay mad at. All that being said, there's really only one type of Valentine's Day candy that this sign could be — and that's Fun Dip.

What does Fun Dip taste like? Like the Sagittarius's outlook on feelings, that's not quite as important. Fun Dip is the Valentine's Day candy every kid looks forward to finding in their cards at school because — as the name suggests — they're simply fun. Poured directly into your mouth, or eaten with the stick, Fun Dip comes in many flavors. But, at the end of the day, they all taste like sugar. The same thing goes for the seasonal Valentine's Day flavor, Maui punch. You see, aside from its use in making copycat Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccinos, Fun Dip is like the Sagittarius in the fact that it doesn't concern itself with deeper meanings or flavor associations. It's mostly there for the experience.


types of Lindor truffles
types of Lindor truffles - Ekaterina79/Getty Images

Known as "workaholics" of the zodiac, it's no surprise to learn that Capricorns are associated with mountain-climbing goat. Born to climb, Capricorns are the definition of resilience — steadfast in overcoming every obstacle to achieve their goals. While this does result in a lot of success it can also result in a lot of missing out. With their eyes forward and heads up, Capricorns are often so hyper-focused on where they're heading, that they miss out on where they are in the present. Fortunately, this sign's Valentine's Day candy is so good that it will remind them to do just that — but it's also simultaneously extra enough to inspire these signs to keep up their hard work. If the Capricorn were any Valentine's Day candy, they'd be Lindor truffles.

Some people are driven by power, others by revenge, and some by love -- but Capricorns are driven by access. These signs want the stability and opulence that their success can provide. Fortunately, they also tend to age backward. So, with time, they'll begin to give themselves more and more time to reap the bounties of their efforts. Of those bounties, of course, lies extravagant chocolates, and there's no discussion of such without the mention of Lindor truffles. Lindt's seasonal, strawberries and cream Lindor truffle flavor gives the brand's iconic chocolates a love day twist. With creamy, melt-in-your-mouth white chocolate and freckles of sweet strawberry flavor, these truffles are sure to bring these signs back to the present this Valentine's Day.


Nerds candy on white background
Nerds candy on white background - Marta Maziar/Shutterstock

In light of the "aqua" in their name, people are often surprised that Aquariuses aren't water signs as they assume — they're air signs. Even so, the basic elemental category used to distinguish the rest of the zodiacs won't get you anywhere close to understanding these signs. It's quite the opposite, honestly. Aquariuses are divergent by nature, and they'd likely despise the idea of themselves being cast into any one group. These signs much prefer being the black sheep. Forget what is considered normal or conventional by society's standards, the Aquarius is much more interested in the unknown, the misunderstood, and, quite frankly, the odd. From their eccentric styles to their edgy haircuts, and from their abstract tastes in art to their unique hobbies, Aquariuses are proudly what many people would call "nerds." Uncoincidentally, so is their Valentine's Day candy, the Nerds rope.

Sweet and crunchy on the outside, and soft and chewy on the inside, Nerds ropes don't look like your usual candy bar or sour gummy candy. The long, chewy fruit string favors a true rope — if it weren't for the colorful Nerd candies coating it, that is. Adorned with red, pink, and white, the Valentine's Day take on the Nerds rope is just as fruity and sweet as its usual, Easter favorite, rainbow color-way. But, like the Aquarius, it makes a fashion statement anyway. Forget the usual chocolates and strawberries, and go with a Nerd rope to keep things just a little weird.


Swedish fish on blue background
Swedish fish on blue background - ALPS DESIGN/Shutterstock

As the final sign, it is said that the Pisces inherits all of the wisdom from the signs that come before it. However, while you may expect this to make these signs more analytical and logical, it manifests much differently — resulting in the Pisces leading their life much more intuitively and emotionally rather than rationally. Mystical, romantic, imaginative, and impressionable, Pisces often struggle with the stark contrast between their inner world and the outer. It's one of the reasons they're represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions because their attention is constantly divided between the two. Fittingly, the one way these signs combine them is by submerging themselves into something — whether that be underwater or another sensorial experience.

Knowing all that, it's probably no surprise that, if the Pisces were any Valentine's Day candy, they'd be the heart-shaped Swedish fish. Soft, sweet, chewy, and irresistibly squishy, no candy quite encapsulates the Pisces' personality as the Swedish fish does — and it doesn't even have to be shaped like a fish. Every Valentine's Day season, these iconic, lingonberry-flavored candies are made in the form of red hearts. Although these signs love anything water-related, fish being one of those things, hearts symbolize something they love even more than that — and that's love. Pisces are deeply romantic and emotional, and they don't believe in being too mushy. So grab all the candles, flowers, soppy Valentine's cards, and jewelry along with these candies if you're hoping to woo them. They'll eat it up.

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