Vanderpump Rules: What Happened to Raquel Leviss and James Kennedy's Puppy?

Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Post-Scandoval, Raquel Leviss (who went back to “Rachel” after the scandal) found herself embroiled in another dustup: a custody controversy Bravo fans called puppygate. Let me explain.

A minor supporting character in the Vanderpump Rules universe is Leviss’s dog, Graham, a curly-haired pooch she and former fiancé, James Kennedy, adopted together when they were still in a relationship. After the breakup, Leviss got full custody of Graham and eventually stopped letting Kennedy see the dog altogether. (As you may remember, this was the source of some minor season 10 tension when Graham got hurt at doggy daycare and Leviss failed to inform Kennedy.)

Fast-forward to July 20, 2023: James is posting pictures with Graham to his Instagram with the caption “Look who made his way back home, back into my life, I’ll take care of you forever and I love you. ❤️” Meanwhile, a clip of the cast filming VPR in Lake Tahoe with Graham but without Leviss popped up on the internet.

It would seem that Kennedy has wound up with Graham after all because, as TMZ reported, Leviss had dropped him off at a shelter because of behavioral issues, specifically biting. It doesn’t appear that Leviss herself told her ex-fiancé where she had taken the dog, but when Vanderpump Dog Foundation (Lisa Vanderpump’s dog rescue) got wind of the situation, they helped arrange for Graham to go home with Kennedy. Sources told TMZ that Kennedy now has Graham in training classes and is overjoyed to have him back.

On Sunday, July 23, the DJ shared a picture of his dog on Instagram Stories, along with an explanation for a name change: The dog formerly known as Graham is now known as Hippie, in honor of his late godfather, George Michael. “We've decided to rename this little beauty ‘hippie’” he wrote in a caption. “This is a tribute to my late godfather, George Michael’s dog’s name…the only dog I saw around the house growing up, although George and hippie are in heaven now together I know that they are watching over me now, a proud doggy papa!” He added a dog emoji and heart emoji.

On the February 20, 2024, episode of Vanderpump Rules, viewers got to see the emotional moment that Kennedy was reunited with Graham Hippie. It was a surprise arranged by Lisa Vanderpump herself, and a truly cute moment. Kennedy himself cried, as did fans….

As you can imagine, Leviss dropping the pup at a shelter rather than giving him to James or even Lisa Vanderpump (who is famous for her love of all dogs) had not gone over well on the internet. “At this point, I don’t know if it’s wise for Raquel to return to #PumpRules. She was already public enemy No.1 after sleeping with her best friend’s man. Now she just dumps her dog off at a shelter after not getting him the training he needs? Y’all know how people are about dogs,” tweeted one fan.

Tweeted another,“I am not against people re-homing animals when they are unable to care for them, it’s commendable even. But Raquel dropping off Graham to a random SHELTER instead of LVP or James is so fucking low.” A third fan added, “Abandoning your dog who has behavioral issues because you didn’t train him at a shelter when he literally has a dad who wants him…Raquel, this is not how to get redemption from your mess."

If I know anything about Bravo, Vanderpump, and storylines involving unwanted dogs (and I do), we’re going to be talking about this pup and his human parents for a long, long time.

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