Victoria Monét’s two-year-old daughter makes Grammys history

Victoria Monét’s two-year-old daughter makes Grammys history

Victoria Monét’s two-year-old daughter has officially made Grammy history, while twinning with her mom in a bronze ensemble on the red carpet.

On 4 February, Hazel Monét Gaines, the 34-year-old’s daughter, arrived at the Los Angeles arena as the youngest individual ever to be nominated for a Grammy – and she did so in style. The Monét girls donned matching metallic bronze Versace gowns for the 66th annual ceremony honouring the best of the best in the music industry.

Yet, the mother-daughter duo’s show-stopping attire was only half of what made the night so iconic. Hazel and her mom were nominated for Best Traditional R&B Performance for their “Hollywood” track, making the two-year-old the youngest Grammy nominee.

Speaking toE! Newsbefore heading inside, Victoria said: “It’s really beautiful. There was a lot of fear getting pregnant. Going through COVID as a pregnant woman ... of the fears are projected on you with career and mom balance.”

“To have one of my biggest moments alongside my daughter is the perfect wink from God. ‘You’re doing the right thing. Keep going,’” she continued.

Though last night was such a significant moment, Victoria noted how Hazel likely won’t grasp the full extent of what happened until she’s a bit older. “I don’t think she quite understands,” the talented vocalist added.

Hazel’s interest in music has been budding for some time now. Aside from her feature in “Hollywood,” the young Monét was seen in Victoria’s “On My Mama” music video too.

“I see her learning rhythm, trying to catch different cadences and what she’s attracted to in songs. I just really get re-inspired by that innocence and that curiosity about music,” Victoria proclaimed during an interview with People a year ago.

Victoria’s work was widely celebrated last night, with the singer taking home three of the six accolades she’d been nominated for. She won Best New Artist, Best R&B Album for Jaguar II, and Best Engineered Album, Non-classical for Jaguar II.

In her acceptance speech for the Best New Artist award, Victoria thought back on the start of her career, extending advice to up-and-coming creatives aspiring to be on the Grammy stage one day.

“I moved to LA in 2009 and I like to liken myself to a plant who was planted, and you can look at the music industry as soil,” she remarked. “And you can look at it as dirty or it can be looked at as a source of nutrients and water. And my roots have been growing underneath the ground unseen for so long. And I feel like today I’m sprouting finally above ground.”

“I just want to say to everybody who has a dream, I want you to look at this as an example,” Victoria said, adding how she’d been working to receive a Grammy for 15 years.