Video: Boys dump flour all over house in an unusually uniformly messy way

Sarah B. Weir
Shine from Yahoo! Canada

That two little boys could easily make an epic mess with a five-pound bag of flour is a no-brainer, but did they? Viewers are questioning whether or not a recent viral video is legit.

The video is shot from the point of view of their stunned and muttering mom and shows the naughty rug rats frisking in an indoor sandstorm of flour. There's white stuff spread about the floor, couches, and side tables. It is even piled in little drifts on the tops of picture frames.

The house is certainly trashed with what sure looks like real flour. But what's suspicious is how evenly the powdery substance is distributed around the room and how chipper the boys seem--even after they are busted. Anyone who has ever caught a little kid in the middle of some really heinous transgression (or who has been caught themselves) knows how quickly the fun can turn into a blubbering freak out.

Viewers are also suspicious because YouTube has removed comments on the video, but Mary Napoli, the mom behind the video camera, says she removed them on purpose. She assured us that the video is real: "We turned off the comments because they were getting increasingly mean and vulgar." She added, "It's mostly cleaned up now--lol!"

Take a look and tell us what you think.

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