This video of Ozzy Osbourne’s granddaughter watching her ‘Papa’ on TV is too cute for words

To music fans the world over, Ozzy Osbourne is a legendary rock star. But to Osbourne’s 10 grandkids, he’s simply “papa,” as son Jack Osbourne recently proved. The dad of four shared a clip on Instagram of his youngest daughter, Maple, watching her papa perform on TV, with Jack sharing that “Maple thinks she’s getting a private performance from Papa.”

In the clip, Jack can be seen sitting behind sweet Maple on the couch as the pair watch an Ozzy performance on TV. Maple is clearly so excited about seeing the rock legend, as she’s patting her hands on the coffee table, pointing at the screen, and repeating “papa,” looking around to make sure that everyone in the room notices her papa doing his thing. Her smile is so big, it’s sure to melt the hearts of even the steeliest heavy metal enthusiast on the block.

Jack welcomed Maple with his wife Aree in July 2022 before the pair got married in September 2023. He shares daughters Pearl, Andy, and Minnie with ex-wife Lisa Stelly.

Ozzy and wife Sharon Osbourne are also grandparents to Kelly Osbourne’s one-year-old son, Sid, 1, whom she shares with Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson. Ozzy also shares grandchildren Elijah, Maia, Isabelle, Harry, and Kitty with ex-wife Thelma Riley. Together, the couple had three kids: Elliot, Louis, and Jessica, prior to welcoming his reality-famous children Aimee, Kelly, and Jack with Sharon.

And while you’d be hard-pressed to find a cooler blended family, it’s clear that Ozzy already has a huge fan in Maple. Jack recently shared a video of his youngest daughter in her car seat rocking out to Ozzy’s hit “Crazy Train,” and she managed to hit her papa’s iconic opening lines — “All aboard, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay” — right on the money. Jack and Kelly also brought their families together for Halloween, proving that one of reality TV’s first families is still as fun as you always imagined they might be.