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Viral Griddy dance being revived as ‘gwiddy’

The popular Griddy dance, which has become more of a staple of social media than a dance fad, is going through another stage in its evolution.

LSU Tiger wide receivers Justin Jefferson and Ja’Marr Chase popularized the dance as a touchdown celebration. They continued the dance once they entered the NFL, furthering its popularity.

Now, the dance move is everywhere, even an emote you can buy in Fortnite.

While the Griddy has been around for several years, it has undergone an interesting change over the last few months.

TikTokers are starting to call the dance “the gwiddy,” using baby talk when describing the dance. Nearly a month ago, @jackson._.burrus posted a video doing the Griddy on a frozen lake, while the person filming said, “Buddy is literally gwiddying on the frozen lake.”

Commenters instantly latched onto the joke, responding in baby talk themselves.

“Buddy is lillury gonna fall into the lake with that gwiddy,” replied @adelaidespencer.

“Why is this my humor now,” said @maddysampsonn.

That video currently has over 4 million views and nearly 730,000 likes. The original Griddy spread quickly across the internet, and the new version also spread quickly. On TikTok, #griddy has over 3 billion views, while #gwiddy has over 47 million views.

After Burrus went viral for the new pronunciation, more people jumped at the chance to fuse baby talk and “Griddy” — no matter the setting.

In late 2022, Lil Uzi Vert released “Just Wanna Rock,” which popularized a hip-shaking style of dance. Users have incorporated that style into several of their videos, making it one of the go-to dance moves.

Even if the physical action of the Griddy hasn’t changed, the new pronunciation has helped the “gwiddy” challenge Lil Uzi Vert’s hip-shaking as one of the top moves on TikTok.

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