Viral TikTok compares Canadian cities to star signs: Do you agree with the results?

The video has racked up more than 120,000 views and hundreds of comments from Canadian TikTok users.

A viral video comparing Canadian cities to star signs has TikTok divided. Images via TikTok/Hilaryhcomedy.
A viral video comparing Canadian cities to star signs has TikTok divided. Images via TikTok/@Hilaryhcomedy.

A Canadian TikToker has gone viral after posting a video comparing cities across the country to astrological star signs, and the internet has plenty of thoughts.

The video by TikTok user Hilary Henderson (@hilaryhcomedy) breaks down how each star sign correlates to a particular Canadian city, and has garnered over 120K views since being posted.

"Here are the star signs as Canadian cities. All 12 signs, same video, let's go," she began.

Here's a summary of what Canadian cities match up with what signs according to the TikToker:

Aries: Toronto, Ont.
Taurus: Guelph, Ont.
Gemini: Quebec City, Que.
Cancer: Halifax, N.S.
Leo: Vancouver, B.C.
Virgo: Kingston, Ont.
Libra: Victoria, B.C
Scorpio: Montreal, Que.
Sagittarius: Hamilton, Ont.
Capricorn: Ottawa, Ont.
Aquarius: Calgary, Alta.
Pisces: Niagara Falls, Ont.

Curious as to why? Henderson explained her reasoning in the video.

Beginning with the first sign of the zodiac, Henderson compared Aries to Toronto, because they're "the biggest, the baddest."

"If you're not an Aries, you don't understand why," she added.

Henderson then moved on, noting "Taurus babies get to stay at home in Guelph in their comfy blankets and fresh garden produce — no traffic and no one to annoy you."

She then compared Geminis to Quebec Citybecause this star sign is supposedly "always talking and eccentric." Moving along to Cancer, Henderson associated the star sign with Halifax N.S.

"You're beautiful, you're off in your own little world," she reasoned.

According to Henderson, Leos are the perfect match for Vancouver B.C.'s "glitz, glamour [and] luxury."

"We get it, you think you're the best but everybody wants to stop hearing about it. But then you kind of spend some time with them and you're like 'Damn it, they actually are kinda the best,'" she determined.

Furthermore, Virgos and Kingston, Ont., supposedly go hand in hand, as Henderson claimed that they are both "a bit boring and predictable."

Photo via TikTok
Photo via TikTok

Henderson then stated that since Libras tend to be "social, they smell nice, and they're living in their own little fantasy world," their comparable Canadian city is Victoria, B.C.

Moving along, Henderson associated Scorpios with Montreal, Que. Why? "Find me a sign that looks cooler in a leather jacket. I'll wait," she said.

"Sags you're not gonna like this but you're Hamilton," stated Henderson. The TikToker claimed this comparison is because Hamilton, Ont. "doesn't give a f—ck."

As for Capricorns, Henderson thought the star sign was best associated with Ottawa, Ont., "for the vibe."

Next up, Henderson claimed Aquarius star signs need "ideas and space to thrive," which is why she paired them with Calgary, Alta.

To round things out, Henderson paired the Pisces star sign with Niagara Falls, Ont. Her claim? Apart from the obvious "cry me a river reference," according to Henderson the star sign is also a "little tacky and overly romantic."

Photo via TikTok
Photo via TikTok

Henderson concluded the video by asking her followers to comment on whether or not they thought she got any star signs as Canadian cities wrong. In response, TikTok users did not hold back on sharing their opinions.

"This Aquarius has never been more offended," commented one user.

"As a Sag I disagree 1000000%. I've never stepped foot in Hamilton for a reason. We're def Montreal lol," said another.

Others offered their own opinions on the budding trend.

"As a Scorpio, I forgive you for giving [Leos] Vancouver. Montreal is where I would thrive," stated a user.

"Virgos are Ottawa, [please]" said another.

One user did not agree with Henderson's depiction of Pisces being an overly emotional sign, adding "Pisces have other traits than crying."

Others totally agreed with Henderson's list.

"Toronto is definitely Aries," stated one user.

"This is SO REAL! (I am a Taurus who loves Guelph)" commented another.

While the comments seem pretty split concerning Henderson's take on star signs as Canadian cities, the TikToker managed to put a fun spin on the social media astrology trend.

Let us know if you agree with her star sign and city pairings below.

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