Your Virgo Monthly Horoscope for February

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Your Virgo Monthly Horoscope for FebruaryHearst Owned - Hearst Owned

Add These Dates to Your G-Cal:

  • February 5: Full Moon in Leo

  • February 11: Mercury enters Aquarius

  • February 18: Sun enters Pisces

  • February 19: New Moon in Pisces

  • February 19: Venus enters Aries

Mercury Retrograde is over and you couldn’t be happier, Virgo! Now you can get back on track organizing, planning, and tending to your daily routine. Aquarius season has you dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s as you finish off big projects and whatever’s been lingering on your to-do list for months. Productive energy flows! The month starts off with a disruption to your daily routine on February 3: Plans do not go accordingly, and you’re ready to voice any grievances you’ve been carrying for far too long. Know that if you truly want something to change, you’ve got to try something you’ve never tried before. Tensions at work might pick up on February 4 when Venus in Pisces clashes with Mars in Gemini. Value differences can lead to conflict today. Don’t be afraid to fight for what you believe in.

The Full Moon in Leo on February 5 signals a period of rest and respite for you. If you’ve been overextending yourself, now is the time to recalibrate. Intuitive messages, inspiration, and breakthroughs can arrive when you take the time to slow down. Pay attention to synchronicities from the universe today. Messenger planet Mercury meets with intense Pluto on February 10, making the skies a little steamier than normal. Your desires, secrets, and fears all merge in some way, which may sound intimidating, but it can result in a massive creative or romantic breakthrough. Situationships be gone—in matters of the heart, you’re addressing unhealthy power dynamics that no longer serve you. Mercury moves into Aquarius on February 11, adding more on your plate. Your schedule picks up and you may feel pulled in many directions. Commit to strict boundaries around your time—it’s more limited than normal. You’ve got a lot going on the next few weeks.

Dreamy collaborations and invitations may arrive on February 15 when Venus and Neptune both mingle in Pisces. Coupled Virgos may experience a sweet and romantic day with a lover, and singles may meet someone who feels like the perfect match. Creative business collaborations can also take place today, or perhaps you’re having a brush with fame? The Sun and Saturn switch up the vibe on February 16 when they meet in the sign of Aquarius. You have a better understanding of your limits and needs. Today is a boundary setting day and you’re recommitting to how you use your time. Make sure it’s sustainable for you!

The Sun enters Pisces on February 18 and dances into the relationship sector of your chart. Pisces season 2023 is here! Your focus is on your love life, whether that means going on a ton of first dates, taking the next step with someone special, or providing some extra support for your partner. When it comes to career, exciting collaboration and contracts may be underway. This is elevator pitch energy, so don’t dim your shine! If someone says “no,” you’re talking to the wrong person. Keep going because the stars are aligning to lend you more cosmic support than normal. The New Moon in Pisces on February 19 asks you to reflect on your commitments. Who and what are you willing to commit to for the next six months? Where would you like to be at that time? Visualize it and feel into that future reality—it’s all possible!

On the same day, Venus enters Aries, and you’re feeling more intimate and sensual than normal. When lover Venus enters this private part of your chart, you may feel called to be more vulnerable and lean on others for support. As you should—you are always so selfless. Now is the time to ask for what you need. Others are ready and eager to help you.

The planetary excitement for the month winds down on February 21 when Mercury in Aquarius engages with Uranus in Taurus. Think back to whatever boundary-pushing event took place earlier this month around February 3. Discussions around that topic or something similar continue. You learn new and surprising information—and again, don’t be surprised if your plans are altered. Spontaneity is in the air!

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