‘Voice’ Fans Are Left Furious with Niall Horan After His Disappointing Move

Voice fans are usually talking about singer Niall Horan on social media because of his hilarious banter with the other three judges John Legend, Gwen Stefani and Reba McEntire, as well as his cheeky personality, but this week, the discussion isn't as positive as in the past.

Fans became confused and upset when the official Instagram account for NBC's The Voice shared a clip of Niall telling his remaining team of nine that he would be stepping away from filming of Season 24 for a while because of his hectic touring schedule. “I’ve got a bit of news for you. Because of my concert schedule, I actually won’t be in town for knockout rehearsals," Niall tells his team over video chat in the clip. "Because I won’t be there, I’ve chosen another coach to mentor you guys during your rehearsals. And it’s not just one coach. It’s two.”

The 30-year-old went on to announce that pop duo Dan + Shay would be stepping in for him since he couldn't be there. Although the twosome is hardly underqualified, social media had a lot of mixed reactions to the surprising news.

“What? Niall, why did you agree to do this season if you weren't able to be here for all of it? Love you, but maybe it would have been better to have let someone else do it this time?”, one upset fan commented."Saddest yet most exciting news I’ve ever heard?!?!? 🫶🫶🫶", someone else wrote. "So Niall will not [be] on The Voice anymore?”, another disappointed fan said. A different person enthusiastically chimed in, "@danandshay are the absolute best! Let’s go! 🔥❤️." Someone else, who was very upst, said, "Will @niallhoran be back for winning Night? If not please advise cuz he’s the reason I’ve come back to the Voice! Last minute bad news is not appreciated!... Unprofessional to say the least!

With all the confusion, we're here to tell Niall fans not to worry just yet! Although Niall will not be in most of the rehearsals for Knockouts, Dan + Shay are currently only considered "temporary" replacements for the time being since the One Direction alum will be back for the rest of Season 24. According to Soaps.com, he confirmed on his Instagram story on November 7 that he "only missed the knockout rehearsals, but returned to film the rest of knockout rounds themselves and the rest of The Voice Season 24 after his festival run."

That said, Niall has confirmed that Season 24 will be his last due to his busy schedule, and Season 25 is when Dan + Shay will officially take over for the "Nice to Meet Ya" singer. They will be the first "duo coach pair."

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