Wait, Travis Kelce Had Tears in His Eyes When Taylor Swift Hugged Him on the Field

baltimore, md january 28 taylor swift hugs travis kelce 87 of the kansas city chiefs following the afc championship game against the baltimore ravens at mt bank stadium on january 28, 2024 in baltimore, maryland photo by kathryn rileygetty images
Travis Cries While Hugging Taylor Swift Post-WinKathryn Riley - Getty Images

Truly thought last night's Chiefs game would be like any other. You know, Taylor Swift would show up with a bunch of celebrities, we'd spend several long minutes frantically trying to find her exact outfit before it sold out, and would then soak up some cute reaction videos on Twitter of her freaking out over Travis Kelce's inevitable touchdowns.

And while yeah, pretty much all of the above happened, Taylor surprised everyone by heading straight for the field after the Chiefs won against the Ravens in order to publicly congratulate Travis (aka hug and kiss him on camera. It was...A MOMENT!

And now that we've watched every available video of their interaction multiple times from multiple vantage points, the time has come to focus in on some specific details that eagle-eyed fans noticed. Specifically, the fact that Travis was visibly crying / had tears in his eyes upon hugging Taylor:

Sorry for the all-caps screaming but IT IS SIMPLY TOO MUCH TO HANDLE. And speaking of too much to handle, here's a closer look at Travis' emotional moment:

And speaking of emotional moments in general (when are we not?), here's Jason Kelce with tears in his eyes while congratulating his brother on the field:

And a video of Travis taking a bunch of deep breaths to control his own tears as Jason hugged him:

Basically everyone is crying including us, goodbye.

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