Want To Know A Few Of Taylor's Favourite Things? This Is Everything On Her 'Eras' Tour Rider

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This Is Everything On Taylor's Eras Tour RiderGetty Images

You'd be forgiven for resigning the fact that in 2009 Mariah Carey demanded 20 white kittens and 100 white doves be released upon her arrival at London's Westfield Stratford shopping centre to the annals of your memory.

The star's rider, which was fulfilled in every way apart from the kittens and the doves, set the tone for the particular brand of diva the star would come to personify.


For the uninitiated, a rider is a list of requirements a performer has that the venue they're performing at must uphold. But one person whose rider is decidedly less demanding and diva-worthy than the 'Fantasy' singer's is arguably the biggest star alive on the planet right now, Taylor Swift, whose supposed Eras tour rider has been circulating on online forums.

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While Justin Bieber's supposedly includes ten luxury Sedans and a private jet on standby, the version of Swift's that has been leaked mainly features American confectionaries to have on hand in her dressing room, including a bottle of Welch's grape juice, a bag of Tostitos tortilla crisps, three boxes of Kraft macaroni and cheese, a jar of spicy sauce, a bag of shredded cheddar cheese and one stick of butter (yes, really).

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She also requests one six pack of Diet Coke, one box of microwavable popcorn, four tubs of Ben & Jerry's ice cream and a bag of Twizzlers, which goes further to prove that celebrities really are just like us and have the sweet teeth similar to ours to prove it.

After completing her first trio of sell-0ut dates at Wembley Stadium, Swift is now travelling to mainland Europe where she'll perform in Ireland, Germany and Poland too before returning to London in August.

The news of Swift's rider comes after it was reported that she is planning to take a hiatus from making music once she finishes the Eras tour in December 2024.

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