Want To Know What Icons Like SZA Do? They Get New Tattoos Backstage at Their Own Show

You're literally on the next artistry level when you can commission a tattoo artist to come wherever you are, no matter what you're doing, just to give you new ink. SZA is clearly living on another planet than we are as she closed the deal on a new tatt while backstage at her show.

The star shared on her Instagram Stories that she got a new tattoo from tattoo artist Ziggy Skye. Although Skye is usually based at a Hollywood tattoo and piercing studio called The Carousel, they made a special trip to SZA's LA show to complete the Tattoo. In the photo, SZA reveals her fresh Morse code tattoo, which syncs with her SOS era. If you're not familiar the dot-dot-dot dash-dash-dash dot-dot-dot is one of the most well-known Morse code messages: SOS.

Sza morse code tattoo LA SOS Show Photos Instagram
Sza morse code tattoo LA SOS Show Photos Instagram

The new ink is placed perfectly next to her "Cntrl" tattoo, which references her previous musical era. For the Morse code moment, beyond its intrinsic meaning, SOS holds a deeper connection to SZA's artistic journey. It is the evocative title of her critically acclaimed album, a sonic masterpiece if we must say so ourselves. With its raw emotions and haunting melodies, SOS has become an anthem for resilience and self-discovery, resonating strongly with SZA's dedicated fan base.