Watch: 7ft bull shark chases and rams jet ski near Florida beach

A group of jetskiers filmed the terrifying moment a bull shark chased and charged at them during a beach trip off the coast of Florida.

Andrew Cady was sitting on a jetski off Grayton Beach on the Florida Panhandle Gulf coast on Sunday 9 June when the shark began charging.

Footage shows the animal lunging towards the jetski and seemingly headbutting it before looping back on itself and shoving it again.

Mr Cady said the "6-7ft" animal began charging while he was 100ft from people in the water before immediately alerting nearby beachgoers.

"I was standing on my ski when it suddenly got hit hard and rocked it. I looked down to see the shark circling under me,” he told The Independent.

He added: "Once the shark launched itself out of the water at us, we left the area and cleared people out of the water about a half mile in either direction."