Watch this 90-year-old grandpa whip/nae-nae in style

Photo: TheTequilaGod/Twitter

Some people feel like hanging out with their grandparents has to involve hours of reminiscing and doing old-fashioned activities like baking pies or playing cards. Not Taylor Lyons, a student at York University in Toronto, who describes her Papa Lou as her “best friend.” She likes to teach him trendy dance moves that he performs for her friends on Snapchat.

“I literally just torture him with these videos, but he loves it ’cause he knows he’s funny,” Lyons tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “I tell him, ‘Let’s just post it on social media,’ and he’s like, ‘No, no!’ But he knows people love it, so he tags along.”

Over the summer, the two of them donned fur coats, fedoras, and sunglasses to whip and nae-nae for the camera. The video was so adorable, Lyons’s friend Winston suggested he put it on Twitter, where it could spread the joy of Papa Lou to the rest of the world. Maybe it would even catch the eye of a certain dance-loving TV host.

More impressive than 90-year-old Lou’s dance moves is his close relationship with Lyons. It helps that he’s lived with her and her parents, in the basement of their home in Mississauga, Ontario, for the past eight years. And while Lyons said she watches Jeopardy with him and goes with him to the casino, he’s also very willing to enter into her world.

“He’ll be doing something, making a meal or wearing a cute outfit, and be like, ‘Oh, can you Snapchat me to all your followers?'” Lyons says. In addition to dance videos, she’s also attempted to get Lou to play the Whisper Challenge and Speak Out, with some rather silly results. Let’s just say you shouldn’t play the latter with dentures.

“I’m an only child, and a lot of my relationships and friendships stem from how strong a relationship I have with my grandfather,” she says. “Not a lot of people have strong relationships with their family, so I know I’m superlucky.”

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