Watch our host Thorgy Thor pull off this neon plush drag transformation

On this episode of Dragged, host Thorgy Thor (@thorgythor) helps Stephen with his first-ever drag transformation! Channeling faux furs, high fashion, and some eye-catching colors, Stephen is ready to push himself out of his comfort zone and embrace his inner queen.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, especially when it comes to drag, and for Stephen, inspiration comes in the form of a childhood stuffed animal. “I would sleep with it every night,” he says. “And so maybe this plush, high fashion and fur look—but also camp.” Can Thorgy turn Stephen into the “stuffed animal high fashion campy colorful fun” drag queen of his dreams? As always, the host is ready to take on the challenge.

First, it’s time to discuss wardrobe. Stylist Elle ( picks out some pastel rainbow faux fur pieces that definitely scream “stuffed animal.” “This is gonna be inappropriate [and] amazing,” says an excited Thorgy.

With the wardrobe ready, it’s makeup time! Makeup artist Blue (@sheisblue_)gives Stephen a colorful look to match the eccentric outfit. Stephen says that he “feels great” and is loving the glam direction that Blue is taking. With makeup and wardrobe working together, Stephen’s drag look is starting to come together in a big way.

After some lavish accessorizing and a few finishing touches, Stephen finally steps out as Curious Gorgina! Thorgy is ecstatic to meet the first-time queen, and Stephen is just as excited by his glow-up. But how did Stephen come up with the name for his drag persona? “When I came here I said ‘stuffed animal,’” says Stephen. “The stuffed animal that inspired this was a stuffed monkey I had growing up.” So, Stephen felt it was only right to name his drag persona after the classic mischievous monkey, Curious George—with a campy twist.

Stephen’s favorite part of the process was, according to him, getting to meet Thorgy, a sentiment that the host happily reciprocates. “I feel so good,” says Stephen, admiring himself as Curious Gorgina. “I just feel really happy.”

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